Genshin Impact gamers on the journey at Dragonspine may encounter multiple mysteries and puzzles across the frozen land. Meanwhile, one of the myths that players may come across are the countless decommissioned and snow-covered Ruin Guards.

When you interact with these Ruin Guards, an enigmatic array of numbers will show up. You can find 9 closed Ruin Guards in total and after interacting with all of them, you will get the Futile Endeavor secret achievement and 5 Primogems. Here are all Dragonspine Ruin Guard locations in Genshin Impact!

Ruin Guard Genshin Impact
Find the Ruin Guards with all Dragonspine Ruin Guard locations!

1st & 2nd Ruin Guard

The first and the second spot for Ruin Guards can be discovered by fast traveling to the waypoint of Snow-Covered Path. From here, you have to break the close-by Scarlet Quartz ore and go in the direction of the northwest route.

You will see an ice barrier along this path and it can be dismantled by the Quartz. The first two Ruin Guards will be found once you’re in the cave.

Ruin Guard 1 And 2
Snow-Covered Path is where you can find the first two Ruin Guards.

3rd Ruin Guard

Out of all Dragonspine Ruin Guard locations, that of the third one is around the Statue of the Seven. From the Statue, players need to glide to the northwest side till a big pit underneath comes into sight. The third Ruin Guard will be inside that pit.

Ruin Guard 3
Ruin Guard 3

4th Ruin Guard

Ruin Guard 4 can be explored when players teleport to the Skyfrost Nail waypoint’s northern side. In the cave, they must jump down the cliff and reach the waypoint south.

Once having landed on the ground, gamers shall see numerous Ruin Guards and the 4th body to interact with.

Ruin Guard 4
Ruin Guard 4

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5th Ruin Guard

Now, fast travel to the Skyfrost Nail waypoint that is south of the Statue of the Seven and you will find the fifth Ruin Guard. From this spot, go southwest prior to reaching a massive clearing with a Frostarm Lawachurl.

Beating the Lawachurl and you would see a Ruin Guard right next to the cliff edge.

Ruin Guard 5
5th Ruin Guard is near an edge cliff.

6th and 7th Ruin Guard

The 6th and 7th Ruin Guard are another two bodies to be found by teleporting out of all Dragonspine Ruin Guard locations. Reach the Starglow Cavern waypoint, then glide southwest to the coastline of Dragonspine. You will see the two Guards between two little mountains.

Ruin Guard 6 7
Ruin Guard 6 & 7

8th Ruin Guard

For this Ruin Guard, players can teleport to the waypoint locates in the Entombed City Outskirts’s north. They then must go north before seeing a cave entrance on the right. As they have reached the cave inside, proceed until directly reaching under the Cryo Hypostasis boss. Gamers will manage to get the Ruin Guard which stays close to a Scarlet Quartz ore here.

Ruin Guard 8
Ruin Guard 8

9th Ruin Guard

With the 9th Ruin Guard, you need to teleport back to the waypoint in the Entombed City Outskirts’ north. From here, proceed to get to the Entombed city zone’s south. Once you cannot go further, climb along the Cliffside on the southeast until you see a small clearing. And the last Ruin Guard in Genshin Impact is at this spot.

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