PUBG Mobile is one the most popular battle royale game on mobile in the world and one of the best parts about the game is its maps. So far, PUBG Mobile offered players a total of 5 maps Erangel, Miramar, Vikendi, Sanhok, and Livik. All maps in PUBG Mobile were designed very carefully with their own distinctive features that separate themselves from one another.

Today, we are going to rate all maps in PUBG Mobile from the best to the worst map.


Erangel is the best map in PUBG Mobile and I don't think that any PUBG Mobile would think otherwise. Erangel was the first map ever released by PUBG Mobile and it has become the symbol of PUBG Mobile. Erangel has a size of 8 x 8 km with 2 islands.

Pubg Mobile Erangel 2 0 1200

The terrain on Erangel consists of open grasslands and high mountains with small and medium-sized towns in between. Erangel was originally occupied by Soviet forces from the 1950s for the purpose of a military testing facility. It was eventually abandoned because of a local resistance movement.


Miramar is the second map that was introduced to PUBG Mobile. Unlike Erangel where it is mostly covered by grass, Miramar is desert map. While Miramar also has a size of 8 x 8 km, it has more land covered area than Erangel, making it the biggest map in PUBG Mobile.

Pubg Miramar Tournament Play

The terrain on Miramar is complicated with many high mountains, which give sniper rifles a big advantage on this map. There are a lot of loots in Miramar so players will have to play more strategically on this map.


Livik is the latest map of PUBG Mobile. It is an exclusive map for PUBG Mobile and is not available in PUBG PC like the other 4 maps. Livik is the smallest map in PUBG Mobile with a size of 2 x 2 km but it is also the combination of all 4 PUBG Mobile maps.

Pubg Mobile Livik Featured

Livik has its own brand new features such as Waterfall, Hot Spring, Monster Truck. With an extremely small size, the pace of the map is really fast. It is suitable for players who want to have some more action.


Sanhok is a 4 x 4 km map that was inspired by many islands in the southeast Asia area. The map is covered by grasslands, making it the perfect place for many players to use the snake strategy, especially in the late game. IT is also why a lot of players don't like this map.


The map has a great amount of loot and you will encounter fights very often on Sanhok in the early game.


Vikendi is the iconic snow map of PUBG Mobile. While it is agurably the best looking map in PUBG Mobile, it is not very optimized for a good playing experience. Some areas has too much buildings with complicated structures, making it the perfect place for campers while some other places are open with no cover at all. On top of that, there are a lot og bugs and glitch on the map and that is the main reason why many players hate it.

1200px Vikendi Wip 7

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