If Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout became the game of the summer around the world, another sleeper hit called Among Us has followed the race very closely and has even surpassed the colorful title of Mediatonic.

Among Us Has Surpassed Even Fall Guys On Twitch And On Steam!

Developed by Innersloth, Among Us has managed to position itself as the most-watched game currently on Twitch, as well as the best-selling game on Steam. In addition, it is also among the most played titles in the digital platform by Valve. So how did this game take over even the Fall Guys phenomenon?

How Among Us 'Eliminated' Fall Guys

Among Us has been with us for several years, but until recently it has not reached the level of popularity it deserves, but now it manages to surprise the creators of the title themselves on their Twitter accounts. While the game has been available on PC and mobile devices since November 2018, it is not until now that the title has enjoyed a warm reception from players.

Among Us Has Surpassed Even Fall Guys On Twitch And On Steam!

The truth is that its fame can be reflected in the two important platforms of video gaming: Twitch and Steam. On the streaming platform, Among Us enjoys a total of 133,810 viewers recently compared to 60,502 viewers for Fortnite and 17,964 viewers for Fall Guys.

Among Us is Fun to Watch, But Also Fun to Play

But the community doesn't just like to watch, they also like to play. If we go to the Valve store, we discover that Among Us is also the best-selling game for the price of ₹ 199. The second best-selling title is Fall Guys (₹ 529). The game is free to download on Google Play Store for mobile players, however.

Among Us Has Surpassed Even Fall Guys On Twitch And On Steam!

In addition, Among Us has reached a peak of 281,647 simultaneous players in the last 24 hours, surpassing giants like Grand Theft Auto V (102,321 simultaneous players) or Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege (123,764 simultaneous players).

Among Us: An Indie With a Simple and Fun Formula That is Free For Mobile

For those of you who haven't played Among Us and don't know what the game that makes the community fall in love with is like, the mechanics are simple: players play the colorful crew of a spaceship. Among them is an impostor, who will have to sabotage the missions of his companions and assassinate them one by one.

Among Us Has Surpassed Even Fall Guys On Twitch And On Steam!

And if the other players discover a corpse, they can press a red button that will start a voting process: this is when the traitor must be voted on. The player who collects the most votes will be expelled from the ship. If it is the impostor, we will have won the game, but if it was a crewmate, then you will have lost another score.

You can download the game on Android here for free!

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