Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout finally launched into the console market after being released at the start of August as one of the PlayStation Plus free games of the month. The Fall Guys team were originally hoping to emulate the success of Rocket League by launching into the console market initially as a free game. It has proved to be a huge hit, achieving the status of being the most downloaded game from PlayStation Plus of all time.

Fall Guys Ultimate Knockout
Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout finally launched into the console market after being released at the start of August

Fall Guys is a unique battle royale game that replaces the typical shooter-based combat with crazy obstacle courses, but still keeping the same end goal of last player standing. Also, instead of playing as a soldier or warrior, you play as a jelly bean type character. The uniqueness of the game has proven popular with streamers, with Fall Guys being the most streamed game on Twitch since its release.

Like most battle royales and modern multiplayer games in general, the cosmetic options in Fall Guys are wide-ranging. Instead of unlocking camos for weapons and different armor, you unlock different outfits and costumes enabling you to customize your jelly bean. Fall Guys has its own in-game currency system which consists of ‘crowns’ and ‘kudos’. Players have the option to either buy in game currency using real money, or progress through the game earning crowns by winning the competition and kudos by progressing through rounds. To obtain the different cosmetics, Fall Guys uses a shop system that works on a rotational basis. This means for each player different items will appear in the shop which will then be rotated every 24 hours.

Is Fall Guys’ rotational shop system beneficial for the players?

The rotational shop is similar to the system used in Fortnite, where the cosmetics available to buy also change every 24 hours. The system uses a model like online casinos that offer online bonuses for some of their offerings such as roulette online and free spins for online slot machines on a rotating basis, the model is proven to keep players engaged and be rewarding for them. Alternative systems to rotational shops include the use of loot boxes. Loot box systems can be exciting as players don’t know what they will receive, but players are not always guaranteed to get the cosmetics that they want. There are also other popular systems such as battle passes, where players have to grind up their level and unlock cosmetic rewards as they level up. Battle passes can be challenging but players know exactly what they are getting at each level.

Fall Guys Rotational Shop
The rotational shop is similar to the system used in Fortnite

Fall Guys rotational shop system falls somewhere in between. There is a lot of different cosmetics to obtain, and players have the option to either earn in-game currency to buy them by playing the game or by purchasing in-game currency bundles. The shop offers a range of items at the same time, so players aren’t just stuck with one item at a time. As the items are changing every 24 hours, it encourages players to come back to the game daily to check for cosmetics they really want. New cosmetic skins are also being added to the game and the rotational shop with each new season.

Overall, Fall Guys shop system is a fun way of gaining access to new customization options for your jelly bean character. It provides you with the option to unlock wacky cosmetics whilst also benefitting the game’s community by encouraging players to come back daily.

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