Fall Guys is a super hot game on PC/console now that true gamers should have heard about. "Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout" was released a few months ago but it has wiped out the battle royale style. A lot of gamers and also popular YouTubers are playing this game, such as Mortal, Mr.Beast, PewDiePie, etc. Then, it will take a storm to the game industry when the mobile version is released. Check it out here.

Fall Guys Mobile Is Coming Soon

Fall Guys is a super exciting and fascinating battle royale game. Devolver Digital released it in February 2020 for PC and PS4. After its initial release, this game soon became the hottest battle royale game on PC and console. It brings you totally new gaming experience.

Fall Guys
Fall Guys is a super fun, exciting, and fascinating battle royale game

This game has many levels to conquer every match. After each round, a number of players will be eliminated. You need to defeat other guys to be qualified for the next round. In the final round, there is only one player can win and get the Crown. The runner-up and the third-placed players will also be honored.

Fall Guys Announcement
Bilibili will bring the mobile version of this game to Chinese gamers.

This game is very fun and exciting. The design of this game is also crazy, wild, and fancy. Besides, the game modes of each match will also change to make it fresh and interesting. Moreover, it's more challenging than you think. It will definitely blow your mind. Therefore, a lot of gamers are looking forward to its mobile version.

Fall Guys Mobile
It seems to arrive soon

To satisfy the mobile gamers, the Fall Guys mobile is coming soon. The Chinese studio is going to bring this game to the mobile platform for Chinese gamers. According to the latest announcement on Twitter, Bilibili will have the right to publish Fall Guys mobile in China.

However, mobile gamers in other regions will have a chance to experience this game in the future. The game publisher definitely wants to release this game on a worldwide scale. Therefore, you can expect to play this fun game on mobile platforms in the future. However, it would take months to experience Fall Guys mobile.