If you are in need of a new game to play on your Android phones, this past week offered plenty of option. We have summed up 5 of the most notable titles in this latest episode of Android games weekly summary to help you choose. Games included in this list span across various different genres, so there should be something for you regardless of what your preferences are.


Grobo is a futuristic puzzle game set in an abandoned, post-apocalyptic city. You will play as Grobo, a little robot who must now utilize his gravity-bending powers to navigate dozens of trap-filled levels to find out what happened here. Basically, if a narrative-driven, mind-bending puzzle game sounds like your cup of tea, then Grobo is for you.

Mini Life

Mini Life Screenshot 3
Live the life of your dream in "Mini Life"

Mini Life is best described as a “social MMO” game. It offers a virtually limitless number of customization options for you to create your own avatar with. Once you’ve done that, you will go on to live the life of your dream, decorating your own mansion and befriending other players.

Lovecraft’s Untold Stories

Lovecraft’s Untold Stories is a retro-style shooter game that, as its title suggests, is inspired by the works of the renowned horror author H.P. Lovecraft. Picking from 5 playable characters, you will explore a dark world full of ancient, horrendous mysteries and secrets. Along the way, you’ll collect various weapons to battle against armies of monsters.

Dungeon Break

We have covered this one many times before, but if you missed it, this is a top-down shooter in which you are tasked with helping the poor minions escape from the dungeons of their vicious overlords. The game first launched for iOS back in September and has now made its way to Android.

The Addams Family – Mystery Mansion

The Addams Family – Mystery Mansion is a tie-in to the newly-released animated film The Addams Family. Naturally, that means you’ll get to meet several familiar characters from the movie and decorate the Addams Mansion however you wish. There are tons of different pieces of furniture to collect, an original story to enjoy, and more.