There are some names that, whenever mentioned, immediately remind people of mobile gaming. Titles such as Candy Crush Saga, Clash of Clans, and Angry Birds have basically become synonymous with the platform thanks to their huge popularity. And it’s more than just about having millions – maybe even billions – of players. These are stuff that has had such a huge impact on the mainstream that they’ve become a part of the pop culture.

To be sure, the games mentioned above are not the ONLY cases of this, but we would argue that Angry Birds is the most prominent example. The characters of Angry Birds are to millennials what Mario, Luigi, or Link were to people born in the 80s – early 90s.

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Some games have become synonymous with the mobile platform

And this upcoming December 11th, Angry Birds will be turning 10 years old. Since the launch of the original game, the franchise has pretty much penetrated any market you could imagine: Games, cartoons, movies, toys, and all kinds of other licensed merchandise. I bet you can’t name a product off of the top of your head that has never had an Angry Birds logo slapped on it.

If your answer is “electric scooter”, you would have been correct if it was two days ago. But now, Rovio is running a campaign that it calls “Bring the Anger" as part of the celebration, which is intended to motivate people to turn their rage into something positive. For this, it has come up with the Rage Rider, an Angry Birds-branded electric scooter that literally runs on your screams. On the handle of this scooter, there’s a mic that you can scream into to make the thing run.

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Join the "Bring the Anger" event to turn your rage into something good!

Yes, we also thought it was a joke at first, but reporter Jared Nelson from respected mobile game site TouchArcade has confirmed that it actually works, and the louder you yell, the faster you can go too! Don’t worry about the safety issue either. The scooter comes with all the things that a normal scooter would have, including a brake and throttle. The microphone is just an added bonus. Check out the video below to see it in action:

Moreover, this is only part of the celebration. Rovio has also collaborated with its long-time partner UNICEF Finland to launch an in-game event in Angry Birds 2, allowing participants to contribute to UNICEF’s Education in Emergencies fund, which provides education for youths in war zones and other emergency cases around the world. And you even get to do that for free: All you have to do is play the event, and if the total number of Piggies popped by all players combined can cross the 10 billion mark, Rovio will donate $100,000 to the fund.

Now, 10 billion might sound like an unreasonably big number, but according to Rovio, the entire Angry Birds mobile lineup has attracted over 4.5 billion – no, not million, BILLION – players over the years, so that 10 billion Piggies goal is not that far out of reach.

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You can play AND help children in need at the same time, what's not to like?

Last but not least, Rovio is also teasing “a new public event," which will be officially unveiled on the 21st of November – exactly one week from now – at the New York Time Squares. Not a lot of information about this event has been revealed at the moment, but the company did mention something about “an innovative device” that is designed specifically to provide people with a mean to turn their rage into something good. We will be sure to keep an eye out for any new development, so don’t forget to stay tuned for more updates. And in the meantime, Angry Birds AR is now available for both Android and iOS devices for free, so don’t forget to give that one a try if you haven’t already!