From Efun Company Limited we have the new mobile title of Armored God. This is a game for those who like the concept of Pokémon but want to have an ... edgier monster to summon (in the sense that they'll have more pointy bits and spikes). It is also a mobile MMORPG that the publisher has just launched on Google Play. In this game, you will get to command and summon your monsters to fight along with you in battles.

The trailer

In fact, the game trailer on Google Play looks like the opening part of a fantasy novel with an angsty man author.

Armored God is a game with a dark fantasy world setting. This game will lead you on a journey to bring salvation to the dark world, with action-packed adventures and monster stories spread throughout the gameplay. In Armored God you could also summon various epic creatures to assist you in your quest to discover the Dark Realm kingdom.

The main story of the game is that mankind is trying to fight against the power of demons since the fall of the angels. In this world of chaos and evil, the Bright God created powerful sets of armor for selected heroes, to save this dark world. Epic dungeons and raids are waiting for you. Destroy Titan and conquer the entire dark kingdom.

Here are some main features of the game:

Save the world

Enter the journey through the Dark Realm, ready your weapons and armor to prepare for the mysteries waiting ahead in this adventure.

Destroy Titan

Armored God Summon Your Monsters In This Mobile Mm
Defeat the enemies and the mightiest Titan giants to purify the dark world. Are you strong enough to complete this mission?

Reached the god form

Armored God Summon Your Monsters In This Mobile Mm
Upgrade to get quality armor, reach to the shape of the most powerful armor-clad god.

Riding armored monsters

Armored God Summon Your Monsters In This Mobile Mm
Armored God provides a large number of armored monsters and epic creatures that accompany you on your journey across the vast dark kingdom.

Real-time PvP battles

Join forces with up to 3 friends to defeat other players in various PvP modes that Armored God iOS provides.