Garena Free Fire has grown exponentially since its initial release back in September 2017. It’s now standing among the world’s most popular Battle Royale titles, rivaling for the genre’s throne with the classic PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds. No one can deny the massive success the game manages to achieve in the mobile gaming scene. As of February 2020, Free Fire has garnered a whopping 500 million download times on Google Play Store alone. The 2019’s “Best Popular Game” also holds the world record for having the most active daily users of 80 million. Today, we will talk about B2K Free Fire ID - one of the game’s top content creators. 

B2k Face
Born2Kill is a famous Free Fire player

We all know that Garena Free Fire is a successful BR title in the world’s mobile gaming scene. A portion of that achievement comes from the relentless effort of the publisher to localize the game, making it comfortable for regional players to enjoy. You can see evidence of that action in Free Fire’s events, content updates, as well as the characters (Luqueta and DJ Alok for example). However, let’s not forget about the contribution of the content creators and influencers in the community. They are those who spread the title news and draw in new users. Born2Kill (B2K) is definitely a prominent name of whom. Check out all the details on B2K Free Fire ID, stats, and more!

B2K Free Fire ID: Who is B2K?

If you’re a fan of Garena Free Fire, Born2Kill may not be a strange name to you. He’s a prominent video game content creator, best known for amazing sniper plays with tons of highlights dropping enemies from miles away. B2K’s real name is Moez Mansouri. He was born in Tunisia and is currently reside in Kasserine City. The Arabic-speaking gamer made a name for himself for out-of-this-world AWM snipe. Fans dub him as the “King of AWM”.

B2k Outside
He's crowned the "King of AWM"

Before we get into the B2K Free Fire ID number, let’s learn more about the content creator’s rising YouTube career. He owns a massive channel with a whopping 4.32 million subscribers. The majority of the content uploaded revolves around famous shooting games such as Free Fire, PUBG Mobile, Valorant, and Call of Duty. He also has a second channel with 300 thousand subs, full of highlights from the title he’s best known for, Garena Free Fire. 

B2K Free Fire ID: Born2Kill’s Social Media Accounts

If you have not already known, the famous content creator for Garena Free Fire does use several social platforms. These networks are where his fans come to discuss with others of the same interest, and where B2K himself promote his creation. If you’re a fan of his amazing sniper plays, follow his social media to get the latest updates of the creator.

  1. Born2Kill Facebook Fanpage
  2. Born2Kill Instagram
  3. Born2Kill Twitter
  4. His personal Instagram account
B2k Gold Play Button
B2K's YouTube channel is exploding

Fun fact: Though being quite a popular player in the game community, we don’t seem to find much information on B2K ID in Free Fire on his social media. Most of the content uploaded ar highlight clips and short status. 

Details about B2K Free Fire ID

Born2Kill uses a series of accounts to play as well as create content in Free Fire. Currently, the B2K Free Fire ID number is 320653047. He’s playing under the in-game name of “J.U.4.N”. You can search for his account and check out the statistics yourself. The “King of AWM” may have several other accounts upon his sleeves in different servers. If you happen to know any of them, feel free to share B2K ID in Free Fire down in the comment section below. As of now, 320653047 is the only B2K Free Fire ID code we can get our hands-on. 

B2k Hoodie
Born2Kill rarely reveals his face in videos

More on B2K Free Fire ID Name: Current Stats

Fans of the famous content creators can’t help but wondering what rank is Born2Kill currently on. Surprisingly, he’s sitting at Diamond II in Season 16 rankings and Platinum IV in Ranked Clash Squad. The result may not be as impressive as you expected, but that’s not the full picture. He owns an astounding 94.74% win rate in Clash Squad - a nearly perfect figure. Check out the information yourself with the B2K Free Fire ID code.

B2k Full
Check out these B2K's stats

Born2Kill’s Lifetime Stats

Out of 5911 squad matches he has played, Born2Kill managed to win 1196 of them. That equals a 20.23% win rate. But it’s not the main attraction of his account. The player has garnered himself 34656 kills in squad games, earning a whopping 7.35 K/D. In duo mode, he has scored a triumph in 364 out of 2071 games, which roughly translates to a 17.5% win rate. His duo K/DA is 4.63. Born2Kill also nets himself 165 Booyahs in solo games. 

B2k Lifetime Stats
B2K's lifetime stats

Born2Kill’s Ranked Stats

So far in the ongoing season of Garena Free Fire, Born2Kill has played only a modest number of games in ranked mode, mostly in squads. He won 40 out of 244 matches but yields 1473 kills. With a K/DA of 7.22, he’s truly a beast in rank. When you come across B2K Free Fire ID name of “J.U.4.N”, remember to give him a hard time!

B2k Rank Stat
B2K's Ranked stats

Born2Kill’s PC Specifications

Here is the equipment B2K uses for playing and recording his content:

  • CPU: Intel i7-8750H @ 2.20Ghz
  • GPU: RTX 2080 Max-Q with 8GB GDDR6 VRAM
  • RAM: 24GB DDR4 - 2,666MHz
  • Hard Disk: 1TB M.2 PCIe x4 SSD
  • Screen: 17.3-inch Full HD

That’s all the information we have for now on B2K Free Fire ID, stats, and rankings. However, he may use more than one account to record his content and play on several servers. If you happen to come across Born2Kill, feel free to share his ID in the comment section down below. Tune in to for more guides in Free Fire and other famous titles.