Free Fire’s third anniversary is almost here - developers are giving out a lot of rewards to players, both free and paid. The wave of events would last until the end of the month, August 31st. Yesterday, a new top-up event has just been made available for the paid players of Free Fire - if you have never top-up before, now is probably the best chance.


Details about the Event:

There are 3 free items that you can get just by topping up between August 19 and August 28.

Free Fire 3rd Anniversary Top Up Event

For 200 diamonds top-up, you would get Mr. Waggor. For 500 diamonds top-up, you would get the Maniacal Chainsaw Surfboard… and lastly, for 1000 diamonds top-up, you would get the Rapper Throttle Motor Bike skin. These limits are all accumulations over time, of course - you don’t have to buy 1000 diamonds in a single purchase to get all 3 items.

The best part about this event, however, is actually the x2 bonus that you would get from buying diamonds. With this, your first top-up would get doubled and give you twice the amount. These extras don't count for the 1000 diamonds limits, of course - you would still have to pay for the full 1000 to get everything.

Details about the prizes:

Both the surfboard and the motorcycle skin are clown-themed, bright purple - with a crazy vibe that you would definitely want to acquire if you are a fan of Joker.

Dom Pisante Free Fire

The Mr. Waggor pet is the hottest new addition to the pet roster of Free Fire, with the ability to generate Gloo Grenades every few minutes. With this little guy around, you would never run out of Gloo, which leads to a big advantage in the late game.

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