Free Fire Season 27’s “Sushi Menace” Elite Pass was released on Aug 1 with a duration of 31 days. With the end of the month coming closer and closer, Free Fire has been working overtime to assemble the Elite Pass for the next one, season 28. Similar to previous passes, season 28’s Elite pass would also bring skins: from guns to backpack, parachute, avatar, banner, and many more.

When will season 28 be released?

Season 28 Elite Pass is almost here, with some of the best-looking skins in the game

Season 28 would be released on September 1, 2020, with both the Free Pass and the Elite Pass getting released simultaneously. If you are going to buy the Elite Pass regardless, it is better to just preorder it 3 days before the release so that you would get the exclusive pre-order bonus.

What are the contents of Free Fire Season 28 Elite Pass?

Looks like the general theme of this season is red and yellow and orange, with most skins from the pass being of the same style. The symbol of the set is probably the oni masks.

1 - Orange Jacket Skin: Default unlock

2 - Machete Skin: 10 Badges

3 - Car Skin: 15 Badges


4 - Banner: 30 badges

5 - Avatar: 40 badges

6 - Female Set Bundle: 50 badges

The female set is a Yellow and White version of the Male set

7 - M500 Skin: 80 badges

8 - Backpack: 100 badges

9 - Banner: 115 badges

The red devil is the theme of this Elite pass

10 - Avatar: 135 badges

11 - Surfboard: 150 badges

12 - Lootbox: 200 badges

The surfboard looks really cool

13 - Male Bundle: 225 badges

The Male set is based on cyberpunk style, with a touch of Japanese aesthetics

What are the Free Pass rewards?

1 - Avatar: 5 badges

2 - Jacket: 40 badges

3 - T-shirt: 110 badges


4 - Banner: 150 badges

5 - Parachute skin: 200 badges


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