Path of Giants, the gorgeous puzzle game from developer Journey Bound Games, has just received a DLC that adds 4 new festive-themed levels to celebrate the occasion of Christmas. If you already have the game on your device – which currently costs $3.99 (Rs 280) on Google Play and the App Store – then you can access these new levels for free right now.

On the other hand, if you are not familiar with Path of Giants, it’s a puzzle game in which you’ll control 3 adventurers at the same time. You must have them assist one another to traverse various platforms to get to the end of the stage. Understandably, it gets compared to Monument Valley a lot, but it is a really solid game in its own right. We have covered it before in a previous article, so if you are interested, do check that out for more details on the game.

Path Of Giants 9a47_wm
Your 3 adventurers will have to assist one another to make it to the end of the stage

The 4 additional levels aim to rack up the difficulty a bit as the original game was rated to be pretty easy, always providing hints to help players along the way. These Winterfest levels, however, will have none of that, and you can expect to see all the mechanics from the main campaign making an appearance here.

Aside from that, the DLC also brings several quality-of-life changes. There’s now an option to play in a horizontal orientation as well as a zoom function allowing you to have a closer look at the different parts of the level, which might make it a bit easier for you to figure out what you have to do.

Path Of Giants Ios Android Featured 1 4813_wm
The DLC also adds several quality-of-life changes

Last but not least, controller support has also made its way to Path of Giants, which is always a nice thing to see as it could make the game more appealing to those who don’t like touch-based controls.

Path of Giants is available for download on both Google Play and the App Store. It is a premium game that costs $3.99 (Rs 280).