To survive in Free Fire - Battlegrounds it is necessary to use the weapons we have well. We have limited space in the backpack, so it is wise to choose among the best weapons and understand how to properly use those we find. If you need to defeat your enemies quickly, you need the best damage guns in Free Fire.

The weapons range can be long, medium, or short. Some of the weapons we find on the island can be used in different ways; others, only with its proper scope. Knowing how to choose the right top damage guns in Free Fire will guarantee our victory.

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So what are these best high damage guns in Free Fire? In this list of top 10 damage guns in Free Fire...actually, top 15 best damage guns in Free Fire, you will discover what types of weapons are best suited for dealing the most damage.

Best Damage Guns in Free Fire (1/5)

1. M82B

A powerful sniper rifle that, while not as deadly as an AWM, does tremendous damage. Its unique power allows bullets to break through gloo walls and even do much more damage against vehicles. It has the great advantage of being able to add a silencer and in addition, its magazine supports up to 8 bullets.

M82B Best damage guns in Free Fire

2. AWM

A bolt-action rifle, which means you need to take your eyes off your sight after each shot. It has a 5-round magazine and an integrated telescopic sight. It is the most powerful Free Fire weapon, capable of delivering lethal shots from a long distance. However, the AWM rifle can only be found in drops and has ammunition of its own.

3. Kar98k

Pre-equipped with a very good scope, the Kar98k is a very powerful and efficient rifle. However, it is not ideal for new players and has a magazine capacity of only five bullets. The only accessory that we can apply is one of aiming.

Best damage guns in Free Fire.

Best Damage Guns in Free Fire (2/5)

4. M14

It is the battle assault gun that causes more damage than others in Free Fire. If we add sight to this weapon, we will have in our hands a powerful high-impact automatic rifle. It has quite a lot of recoil in automatic fire, but the shots are perfectly manageable, especially if we take some accessories. The magazine is small, with only 15 bullets, so be careful not to waste ammunition.

5. AK

A very powerful weapon, capable of dealing a lot of damage with a good rate of fire. However, its firepower is weighed down by a large recoil. The AK rifle is not suitable for beginners, but if we master it can become a nightmare for our enemies.

Best damage guns in Free Fire


One of the best weapons in the game, as it combines great firepower with long-range precision. It is very rare because it can only be found in certain drops. The rate of fire is low, so it is not worth using at close range.

Best Damage Guns in Free Fire (3/5)

7. Thompson

The Thompson is a compromise between the MP40's high ROF and the P90's large magazine, with the advantage of being the most damaging submachine gun. Accuracy is a bit worse, although it wouldn't matter much if you use it in close-range combat. For exploring close spots or skirmishes nearby, the Thompson is a very solid option.

Best damage guns in Free Fire

8. Ump

With a slower rate of fir but greater firepower than the MP5, the UMP is a good light machine gun for beginners. It is accurate, well balanced, and better than the other three at long distance. Of course, it has more recoil but it can be improved by adding attachments.

9. M1887

A shotgun with two shots is something that will not attract many players, especially after the beginning of the game. Despite that disadvantage, it is compensated by its great damage. It has a good reload time, so in good hands and in constant motion, the M1887 can be very lethal.

Best damage guns in Free Fire

Best Damage Guns in Free Fire (4/5)

10. SPAS12

The SPAS12, with a very threatening look, causes a lot of damage at short and medium distances. Contrary to the M1014, it is possible to have high damage with a high mag capacity. In this way, we can fight for a longer in a battle, without having to reload.

11. M79

Is there a camper that sneaks up on you? Or have you met someone in open ground? Use the M79 and give them the what-for. There's nothing like using 40mm bullets, with brutal damage, to climb the leaderboard. However, we must bear in mind that it only carries one bullet per load, and the only applicable attachment is for faster reload.

Best damage guns in Free Fire

12. Crossbow

This crossbow launches silent and powerful bolts. The bolts it uses manage to penetrate all types of vests or helmets, and produce a bleeding effect that makes the enemy lose HP for a few seconds. We will not be able to add attachments and we will only have one shot at a time, so use it carefully.

Best Damage Guns in Free Fire (5/5)

13. RGS50 - Antimatter Rifle

If you are looking for a good powerful weapon, RGS50 is a great choice! It is designed to destroy vehicles, so you can already imagine that it does great damage. Not only that: it has the widest range in the game and almost perfect precision. A pity that it is difficult to find.

Best damage guns in Free Fire

14. Desert Eagle

A pistol capable of doing tremendous damage in the middle range. It only has 7 bullets in the magazine, and the recoil is massive, but it is Free Fire's most powerful pistol. However, it is only available in Squad mode. If you find at the beginning of the game, get a hold of it!

15. Katana

The Katana is a weapon that has come out along with Hayato's character. It's a good mix between the machete and the bat, taking the best of both in terms of damage and range. For this reason, the Katana has easily become the best melee weapon in Free Fire.

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