Free Fire is a Battle Royale game that is unique and different from other similar games. Out of many things that make Free Fire stand out, one of which is that there are lots of characters that have unique skills.

Of the many characters who have different skills, there are currently 4 characters who have skills that can add damage when playing and are suitable for use in certain situations when you need to deal as much damage as possible.

Keep reading and find out the damage-dealing character that is your favorite:

4 Free Fire Characters Who Add Damage to Your Weapons

1. Alvaro

The first character who has the skill to add damage is Alvaro. This destroyer has a skill called Art of Demolition which can increase explosive weapon damage by 16% and increase attack range to 10%

Free Fire Characters Most Damage Rusher

Alvaro is very suitable and highly recommended for users of explosive weapons, such as M79, Hand Cannon, or other similar weapons. When using Alvaro, you can also combine explosive weapons with AR or SMG weapons.

As for other suitable skills, you can also use the Moco skill to combine with Alvaro's to find out where the enemy is after receiving blast damage.

2. Wolfrahh

A game streamer named Wolfrahh is one of the latest characters in Free Fire. Thanks to his skill called Limelight, Wolfrahh is able to increase damage to enemy bodies by up to 20% with the downside of damage to the head being reduced.

Wolfrahh Free Fire Characters Most Damage Rusher

The additional damage that Wolfrahh deals will increase more and more he racks up extra kills.

3. Hayato

The legendary samurai named Hayato has a skill called Bushido which can increase armor penetration when HP decreases. Hayato's character is often used in skill slots because his powerful skill can make it easier to win battles.

Free Fire Characters Most Damage Rusher Hayato

For players who like to rush and be aggressive, Hayato helps you fight without worrying too much about HP. In order for Hayato to become stronger, you can combine his skill with the characters of Shani and Miguel.

Shani's role is to increase the thickness of the armor and Miguel who can add EP after a kill will make your character will be more sage after killing the enemy because HP and armor are better protected.

The weakness of Hayato is that when your friends loot enemy equipment after a battle, they will find armor that has been damaged by Hayato's own skill.

4. Kelly "the Swift"

Kelly the Swift is a character of Kelly after getting an upgrade. She has a skill called Deadly Velocity which is able to increase the damage of the first hit for 5 seconds. To activate this skill of Kelly the Swift, you will need to run for seven seconds first.

Kelly The Swift Free Fire Characters Most Damage Rusher

Using the character of Kelly The Swift will make enemies die faster because with it you can get quite a lot of extra damage. Using the Kelly The Swift character is also suitable for playing as rushers because rushers who always run keep the Deadly Velocity skill active.

Since you need to run for a few seconds to activate this skill, you can use characters who have the skill to add damage or skills that add speed to running like DJ Alok.

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