Kalahari is the third map of Free Fire, with a desert setting and a good balance between open places and areas full of buildings. There is also a lot of variety: Aztec pyramids, a stranded submarine, a prison, a wrecked ship, etc. This is all very well but where can you find the best loot places in Free Fire for Kalahari?



Therefore, we will be telling you about the best places for loot in Free Fire on the Kalahari map. Specifically, we will look at the top 5 best loot places in Free Fire - Kalahari. The selection of the best places for loot in Garena Free Fire was made based on the quality and quantity of loot you can find, its position on the map, and the danger of going to that area.

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  • Refinery: It has a large quantity of quality loot, it is the most central point on the map and it is a strategic place. High danger area.
  • Command Post: central place on the map, a good amount of a variety of loot, and easy to find shelter despite being another high danger area.
  • The Sub: Contains abundant loot in and around the submarine. It is less popular than, and close to, the first two. The submarine is a space of high danger; it is safer outside.
  • Santa Catarina: A place with decent loot, positioned at the extreme. Moderate danger, although it varies according to the route of the plane.
  • Shrines: It is a not so popular location and, therefore, not very dangerous. It has good loot and is a good strategic point if the zones are closed near this place.

Best Loot Places in Free Fire for Kalahari Map (1/5)


The oil refinery occupies the most central place in Kalahari. As a result, you will be safe from the radioactive storm for most of the game. However, being a central site, many players land in Refinery. Always keep this in mind, as it is a dangerous place.

Refinery Mapa Kalahari Free Fire Cke C35c


In addition, the refinery is full of platforms and stairs, with quite high areas. You'll find a fair amount of loot scattered throughout the area, especially if you manage to land on the platforms before other players.

The refinery is also a good place to find a position and look around with a sniper rifle. Of course: remember to protect your behind. The Refinery is prone to ambushes.

Best Loot Places in Free Fire for Kalahari Map (2/5)

Command Post

Military territories tend to have loot in abundance and quality, and Command Post meets that condition. It is located between Refinery, which we have already talked about, and Santa Catarina, another popular area in Kalahari.

Command Post Mapa Kalahari Free Fire Cke C95a

As you can imagine, it is a point on the map that many players choose to land on. Although it's dangerous to start here, the reward is worth it. You'll find plenty of powerful weaponry and ammo in Command Post containers, tents, and buildings.

If you play with a squad, pay attention to everyone. There will surely be other squads exploring and looting nearby. Fortunately, there are many parts of the Command Post that you can use to hide. If you decide to stay at Command Post, use the second floor of the central building to monitor the town.

Best Loot Places in Free Fire for Kalahari Map (3/5)

The Sub

A submarine stuck between two cliffs is not something one sees every day. At first glance, it seems like just an interesting place, but we recommend exploring and looting the area. You'll find plenty of loot in and around the submarine.

The Sub Mapa Kalahari Free Fire Cke 9a1a


It is worth commenting on two more aspects. On the one hand, if you go to The Sub's submarine, prepare your weapons and explore quickly, since it is very easy to be cornered.

On the other hand, the wisest thing to do is to land here only if the plane's route starts from the other end of the map (Shrines or Council Hall, for example). If the route starts by going over The Sub, there will be too many players in the area.

Best Loot Places in Free Fire for Kalahari Map (4/5)

St. Catarina

We go from a stuck submarine to a wrecked ship. In this case, you will find enough loot on the roof and even in buildings near Santa Catarina, although to a lesser extent. When you are about to land, take a good look around you.


Santa Catarina Mapa Kalahari Free Fire Cke 568f

If you see other players, land outside in the nearby buildings. The danger of starting on the ship is that you can be attacked from both sides. To get out of Santa Catarina, go over the bridges or use the broken mast. If you go for the water, you risk being a very easy target to shoot down.

Best Loot Places in Free Fire for Kalahari Map (5/5)


Shrines is a good place to find a good variety of loot. It is inspired by the Aztec pyramids and is a beautiful place in the middle of the desert. You will have to spend a few minutes looting and getting all the valuable loot that Shrines has to offer. Pay attention if you land on the outside, as the players in the pyramids will have an advantage.


Shrines Mapa Kalahari Free Fire Cke C76e

In case the last zones close around Shrines, equip a long-range weapon. Thanks to the pyramids, you can defend the position with some ease and without being an easy target. The walls will help you. And as is the case with The Sub: if the plane's route begins by passing over this place, prepare to fight.

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