Erangel is the map that put PUBG on the world’s Battle Royale scene with its strategy-oriented gameplay. The map features quite a fair allocation of items across its surface - granting every player an equal chance of getting the “Chicken Dinner”. However, there are still locations richer in resources as compared to those smaller in size. Today, we will guide you over the best loot locations in Erangel. If you haven’t exposed that much to PUBG Mobile yet, this is not an article you want to miss out on!

pubg mobile best loot locations
A complete grading of locations based on loot in Erangel


The town of Pochinki has been on the list of the best drop spots in Erangel since the very first days of PUBG Mobile. It is full of structures, including houses, buildings, a Church -  plenty of space for you to find the best loots. The only downside of this location is that it’s too popular. Professional teams, high tier squads, they all adore Pochinki for its potential. So if you are planning to land here, prepare for some early combat actions.

Pubg Mobile Pochinki
Pochinki is my city!

As soon as you land, go for the closest building and get your loots. It can mean the difference between life and death. If you drop far away from your teammates, take cover, try to avoid other squads, then regroup. Also, be careful with your surrounding, use a decent headphone to spot enemies nearby. 


Another great drop-off for early combat is Georgopol. This covers a massive area, full of containers, warehouses with high quality and quantity. Georgopol is also where aspiring PUBG Mobile gamers with no strategy come to bury themselves in waves of fire. 

Pubg Mobile Georgopol
Remember to loot on top of the containers in Georgopol

What you want to do is definitely landing on the containers, where loots spawn exposedly - ready for easy pick-up. It should give you a slight advantage over those who choose to drop in warehouses or nearby buildings. Find your loot, locate enemies, and take them out before they can get their hands on the weapon.


Located on the bottom right corner of the main island, Mylta is a town where many choose to drop on. Its abundant houses and buildings make it a hotspot for teams craving high-tier loots. But others may have the same idea, so it’s best to always prepare for some early brawls.

Pubg Mobile Mylta
Go for a quick loot in Mylta and head out

A common strategy for landing on Mylta is actually not spending too much time on this town, but rather moving towards the circle or other locations to loot. Drop here, grab the essentials, and move out. It’s highly likely that squads from surrounding spots like Shelter and Prison will swarm to take Mylta. 

Military Base

It won’t be complete to mention the best loot locations on Erangel without speaking the Military Base. As you expect from its name, this spot houses a large collection of all kinds of weaponry. There are a consistent quantity and quality of guns, especially sniper rifles and DMRs. So, if you’re a fan of Kark-98, M24, SLR,... then this is the place to go!

Pubg Mobile Military Base
Get your snipers here in Military Base

The downside of Military Base is that it’s located far away from the main island, connected via 2 bridges. This means that other players can take the chance to set up ambushes on the bridge or from surrounding hills. Also, the Military Base is one of the hottest spots on the map with numerous PUBG Mobile gamers looking for great loots. So don’t get lost in the looting process and forget to protect yourself.