Free Fire is a popular battle royale mobile game published by Garena in 2017. The game has more than 100 million active daily players from all around the world.

Into the game, a player will have to jump into an abandoned island with 49 other players to find items, weapons and try to be the last one to survive. The game also has many unique features that help it stand out such as the character system, pet system, and weapon skin system.

free fire
Free Fire is one of the most popular battle royale games on mobile in the world

While weapon skins in other games are only served as cosmetic items, weapon skins in Free Fire can make the weapons stronger in different ways.

The M1014 shotgun in Free Fire is one of the best weapons in the game in close-range fights and it can even get stronger with the right skin. So, today, we are going to find out what is the best M1014 skin in Free Fire.

Best M1014 Skin In Free Fire - Underground Howl

M1014 Underground Howl skin buffs:

  • ++ Damage
  • - Rate of Fire
  • + Magazine
M104 Underground Howl skin
The M1014 Underground Howl skin greatly increase the Rate of Fire of the weapon

The M1014 Underground howl skin must be one of the best M1014 skins in Free Fire if not the best. The M1014 already has a really high damage stat of 90 already and this skin will boost it up even more than that, making sure that any player will be taken down within the first shot.

The skin also gives your M1014 a larger magazine while reducing the Rate of Fire, which is not that much of a problem.

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Best M1014 Skin In Free Fire - Cataclysm

M1014 Cataclysm skin buffs:

  • ++ Magazine
  • + Damage
  • - Reload Speed

The M1014 Cataclysm skin is one of the very popular skins that are used by many Free Fire players. The skin has many bone textures along with red color, making the weapon look truly badass.

The skin greatly increases the magazine capacity of the M1014 and a damage buff that makes its attack even more brutal. The downside of this skin is the reduced reload speed but that is no problem for a shotgun. Also, with a bigger magazine, you won't even need to reload during combats.

Of course, with a bigger magazine AND reduced Reload speed, it will take forever to refill this weapon once it is out of bullets.

Best M1014 Skin In Free Fire - Apocalyptic Red

M1014 Apocalyptic Red skin buffs:

  • ++ Rate of Fire
  • + Reload time
  • - Magazine
M104 Apocalyptic Red ski
The M1014 Apocalyptic Red skin greatly increase the Rate of Fire of the M1014

M1014 Apocalyptic Red skin is one of the latest addition in the game from the Incubator. It is also the most expensive and the best M1014 skin in Free Fire Incubator.

It greatly increases the Rate of Fire of the M1014. The reload speed of the weapon is also increased while the size of the magazine is reduced. With the increased Rate of Fire, you will be able to unload 2-3 shots onto the enemy and take them down easily even if you missed the first shot.

The increased Reload speed is also very important as we all know that the reload speed of the M1014 is really slow.

Best M1014 Skin In Free Fire - Apocalyptic Green

M1014 Apocalyptic Green skin buffs:

  • + Rate of Fire
  • ++ Range
  • - Reload Time
The M104 Apocalyptic Green skin
The M1014 Apocalyptic Green skin offers more range and Rate of Fire for the weapon

The M1014 Apocalyptic Green skin is the second-best Incubator skin after the M1014 Apocalyptic Red skin. The skin gives the M1014 what it lacks the most, range, and Rate of Fire. With this buff, this weapon will be much more stable with a decent range even to take down enemies even if you are a little bit far away.

But with the reduced Reload speed, you will need to make sure you are safe when you reload because it is going to take a while.

Best M1014 Skin In Free Fire - Death's Eye

M1014 Death's Eyeskin buffs:

  • ++ Fire Rate
  • - Magazine
m104 Death's Eye skin
The M1014 Death's Eye skin isn't as good as the above skins but it is easy to get while being quite decent

While the M1014 Death's Eye skin is as good as the ones above, it is a quite decent skin and anyone can obtain it easily. It is pretty much the M1014 Apocalyptic Red skin, just without the reload speed buff. But then that is not that big of a problem.

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