While Battle Royale games and RPG for Android are popular, there are people who prefer a chiller experience... and Truck Simulator is one of the newer genres to become popular. This refers to vehicle simulation games, in which players journey across vast distances on a truck, one of the biggest vehicles one can drive.

If you ever want to experience driving a massive 18-wheeler, Truck Simulator games are probably for you. In this article, we are going to list the top 10 best truck simulator games for Android in 2021.

Truck Simulator
Truck Simulator is a surprisingly popular genre.

1 - Truck Simulator: Ultimate

This is one of the best looking truck simulators on Android. You need at least Android 7 and 2GB of RAM to run it at low. Establish your company in one of the world's leading countries and run a logistic network with trucks. This is a combination of Simulation and Tycoon, in one game for the first time ever.

The gameplay is super detailed, with 32+ upgradable trucks that transport a wide variety of cargo in over 100 cities. Experience all types of roads from Village to City and Highway, with realistic weather and highway toll. Cockpits are detailed and you can even enter rest areas, just like a truck driver. There is also multiplayer in which you can carry joint cargo or participate in races.

Play with 32+ American Trucks and European Trucks. While the number of trucks available is not that big, they can all be upgraded with lamps, bumpers, horns, cockpit lights and more modification options.

Truck Simulator: Ultimate
Truck Simulator: Ultimate is the best truck simulator game for Android you can download on Google Play.

2 - Truck Simulator OffRoad 4

Unlike Truck Simulator: Ultimate where you drive your 18-wheels beast on roads, Truck Simulator OffRoad 4 is a completely off-road experience. Drive your trucks to rural areas with challenging routes, enjoy the nature and environment, cross deadly rivers and deliver your package.

The game is decent graphically, with 1080p realistic graphics and textures, which look extremely good on the small screen of a phone. There are various types of trucks you can pick from, with 6x6 or 8x8 options. While you can't enjoy the whole thing without paying, 24 free levels are more than enough. You can tinker with the looks of the game with its 4 different quality options for every device - overall, even a low spec phone could probably run Truck Simulator OffRoad 4.

Truck Simulator OffRoad 4
Truck Simulator OffRoad 4 is pretty unique.

3 - Truckers of Europe 2

In Truckers of Europe 2, you and your truck would travel across many European cities like Berlin, Venice, Madrid, Milan, Prague... to deliver your cargo. Your goal is to be on time, make money and purchase new trucks and trailers.

The game is smaller than the previous two titles, with only 7 different trucks to drive and 12 different trailers. However, it has good AI traffic, Realistic truck physics, Day & night cycle, Realistic weather conditions... and more. The best part about Truckers of Europe 2  is its ease of control. You can drive your truck by either tilt the phone, using buttons or controlling a virtual steering wheel.

To compete with other players, you can also enjoy the game's achievement and leaderboards, with a lot of tasks to complete. Should more vehicles be added to the game, Truckers of Europe 2 could claim a higher rank among best truck simulator games for Android this year.

Truckers of Europe 2
Truckers of Europe 2 looks really good.

4 - Euro Truck Driver 2018

Euro Truck Driver 2018 is not as good-looking as the previous games on this list, and because of that, it is also easier on the graphical requirement. In this game, players drive across Europe, transport goods from one city to another on various Euro Truck brands. The huge Open World Europe Map alongside Desert, Snow, Mountain and Cities terrains and weather will give you one of the most immersive experiences ever.

The best part of this game is probably the realistic controls, completely with the tilt steering, buttons, or virtual steering wheel. You can also employ Manual Transmission with H-Shifter and Clutch. Explore the huge open map of Europe in either Career or Online modes.

Euro Truck Driver 2018
Euro Truck Driver 2018 has dated graphics.

5 - World Truck Driving Simulator

In this game, players can experience being real truckers and drive lots of famous trucks all over the world. The simulation factor is fairly important in this title, especially the controls. Players can choose between automatic and manual gearbox while juggling between the various main functions of trucks, such as differential locks, motor brake, autopilot, arrows, alert, cleaners, high light, low light...etc.

Other details including Dangerous Roads, day-night cycle with beautiful visuals, scales, toll booths, tax stations, gas stations and various other events... Overall, World Truck Driving Simulator has great attention to detail. Despite having fairly realistic graphics, World Truck Driving Simulator has multiple configuration options to run on weaker phones and tablets.

World Truck Driving Simulator
World Truck Driving Simulator is one of the best truck simulator games for android in 2021.

6 - Cargo Transport Simulator

Cargo Transport Simulator is another entry for lower-end devices, with low tier graphics that can work on anything. It is the usual open-world truck simulator, with all the dynamic day and night cycles and different weather conditions. The graphics of Cargo Transport Simulator are fairly cartoonish, therefore it should work well on weaker devices.

You start with a classic truck and complete missions to earn money to unlock up to 38 trucks from semi to light variants. All of them are fully modeled - you can check the realistic interior and exterior views with freelook features.

Cargo Transport Simulator
Cargo Transport Simulator is for low-end devices.

7 - Truck Simulator USA - Evolution

Location is one of the more important parts of the "truck simulator experience", and most titles above focus on Europe. Truck Simulator USA - Evolution focuses on the North American continent, with roads across USA, Canada and Mexico. If you are interested in exploring the various roads of the American continent, this game is probably your best choice.

Drive across America on American Truck brands, transport goods and become a professional truck driver. Despite being released in 2017, Truck Simulator USA - Evolution has similar systems of weather, controls and manual transmissions that other titles on this list have. The engine sound (V8, Cummins, etc..) is fairly realistic.

Truck Simulator USA - Evolution
Truck Simulator USA - Evolution is the only USA-focused title amongst the top 10 best truck simulator games for android.

8 - Grand Truck Simulator

Grand Truck Simulator is a truck sim for mobile that allows more customization than most other sims on this list. Furthermore, it is ultra-lightweight, even a device with Quadcore - 1GB Ram can run the game. Furthermore, Grand Truck Simulator has realistic physics alongside real life truck sounds for engines, brakes, horns - you will have a very immersive trucking experience.

The best part about this game is modification - you can make your own truck skin or download them from other people. You can also modify the various details on the truck as well, from suspension, lights to trailers. Another unique thing about Grand Truck Simulator is that the game is solely focused on various small cities in Brazil.

Grand Truck Simulator
Grand Truck Simulator is fairly dated but still worth playing. It is one of the lightest truck simulation on Mobile.

9 - Grand Truck Simulator 2

Nothing much to say about Grand Truck Simulator 2 - it is just the first game with improvements in everything, including graphics, vehicles, and physics. However, this game adds yet another layer of management skills: players need to check tire pressure, coolant and lubricant levels, along with other things.

More customizations are also available - you can change engines, gearboxes, differentials, tires, and rims. As this game and the first game are free, there is no reason that you should not try out both of them. Because this game is still in beta, new features will be added in later updates.

Grand Truck Simulator 2
Grand Truck Simulator 2 has the best customization amongst truck simulator games on Android.

10 - Trash Truck Simulator

Unlike the other titles on this list in which you drive a normal truck around the continent, Trash Truck Simulator has you going around picking up trash in the city. Driving a garbage truck in a city environment is the ultimate test of driving skill. You have to weave through traffic and stop frequently to pick up your cargo and deliver them to the trash processing plant.

All trash trucks are based on real truck models, with fully modeled interiors. You get money by burning the trash in the plant, which you can use to upgrade the plant or buy different trucks. The city is decent, with a big open map and a lively AI traffic system. The truck is also pretty life-like as well, with realistic physics and engine sounds.

Trash Truck Simulator
Trash Truck Simulator is one of the more unique titles on this list.

This is the end of our guide for the best truck simulator games for mobile this year. Interested in more of our articles related to Android games? Please check out this post for the High Quality Marvel Games For Android In 2021.