The Marvel cinematic universe has grown exponentially in the last 10 years, and because of that, a lot of games based on it have been released. They cover a lot of genres, from action RPG to turn-based strategy and even puzzles. In this article, we are going to list the best Marvel games for Android in 2021.

Marvel Strike Force Avengers
Strike Force is probably the best Marvel Avengers game for Android.

1 - Strike Force

In MARVEL Strike Force, players will assemble the ultimate squad of Marvel characters, including both superheroes and supervillains to fight and save the universe. All the flagship names of Marvel are here, from the popular Spider-Man and Captain America to Doctor Strange, Black Panther, and the X-Men.

The gameplay is fairly decent, with the usual mobile RPG mechanics that have players outfit and upgrade their heroes. There is plenty of stuff to do and the graphics are decent. The "Comic" aspect was done fairly well, with superheroes and supervillains having combo moves when pair up with each other. Control is fairly good, as you can unleash combo attacks with just a single tap.

Unfortunately, this is a freemium "gacha" game, similar to most other free games on the market. Players need to spin randomly for a chance to get their favorite heroes.

Marvel Strike Force
The combat in Marvel Strike Force is fairly tactical.

2 - Realm of Champions

Realm of Champions is the newest Marvel game on this list. It is an action-RPG PVP battle, similar to a MOBA game for Android but without the boring part. Each champion is a character from Marvel, with customizable gears and weapons, which players can upgrade over time.

Each hero and villain has their own unique set of abilities based on Marvel comics. For example, Black Panther and Thor can inflict devastating damage at close range, while Storm and Sorcerer Supreme can deal bursts of damage to groups of enemies. The graphics are fairly decent overall.

There are 3 game modes in Realm of Champions: 3vs3 (Arena Conquest), 2vs2vs2 (deathmatch showdowns), defend 15 AI waves (hero defense). This is, for the most part, a multiplayer game. If you are looking for an offline experience, it might be a good idea to pick something else.

 Realm of Champions
Realm of Champions is a multiplayer-only MOBA similar to League.

3 - Marvel Puzzle Quest

Puzzle Quest is among the most popular games on Google Play. Companies have been creating various spinoffs for it: from Magic The Gathering, Adventure Time, and, of course, Marvel. Marvel Puzzle Quest is a match 3 game, in which you match symbols together for your Marvel character to deal combat damage.

Similar to the other Marvel games for Android, players can collect various characters in the universe like Spider-Man, Captain Marvel, Iron Man, and The Hulk. The gameplay is fairly simplistic but works pretty well as a time killer.

Content-wise, the game has both online and offline missions, with players competing in weekly, daily and monthly events to get free rewards. Overall, a decent amount of things to do.

Marvel Puzzle Quest
Marvel Puzzle Quest is one of the easiest Marvel games for android in 2021.

4 - Future Fight

Future Fight is an action RPG with characters from the marvel universe. Similar to Realm of Champions, you collect a number of Marvel heroes and villains, upgrade them and fight against the bad guys. However, unlike RoC, Future Fight is mostly a single-player experience.

Gameplay-wise, the game is a bombastic fanservice dump, with a lot of details taking straight out from the movie and comics. Fights are fast-paced, with gratuitous displays of power. You can blast enemies with Iron Man’s Unibeam or bash opponents in the name of justice with Captain America’s shield. Gameplay and controls are pretty similar to Genshin Impact, but nowhere as polished.

Marvel Future Fight
Marvel Future Fight is one of the best Marvel games for Android in 2021.

Again, similar to the other games on this list, Marvel Future Fight is a freemium title. Try to grind patiently and you should have a decent time.

Future fight stages
There are a lot of stages to play in Future Fight, with 3 difficulties.

5 - Contest of Champions

Contest of Champion is a turn based fighting game, in which you collect Marvel characters and use them to battle the bad guys. It is the oldest game on this list. Therefore, the gameplay is simple enough that most people considered it to be a "character collecting game".

The game features a campaign mode, an online multiplayer mode, and various dynamic quests. It is pretty easy to get into, with a decently long tutorial. The combat is not nearly as flashy as some of the newer titles on this list, but still fairly serviceable.

The downside of Contest of Champions is again the Gacha mechanics. It is a freemium title like all the above Marvel games for Android, with you having to rely on chance to get your favorite character.

Contest of Champions
Contest of Champions is fairly similar to a fighting game.

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