The release of Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) has been a massive success. The title surpassed 46 million downloads and is on its way towards 50 million. But the more players join BGMI, the higher percentage of hackers and cheaters appear.

Bgmi Anti Cheat Feature
KRAFTON banned over 336,000 accounts in one week.

Cheating is way too big of a problem for KRAFTON to ignore. If left unchecked, it could break the entire game's balance, and driving honest players away to other titles. That's why in the very first BGMI Anti-Cheat Update, the company claims to ban over 336,000 accounts for illicit activities.

Here's the detail.

KRAFTON Releases 1st BGMI Anti-Cheat Update

Yesterday, KRAFTON has published its first anti-cheat report for BGMI. In the report, they detail the number of hackers banned over just the past week. More specifically, KRAFTON has suspended 336,736 accounts between July 30 and August 5, according to a report on its official website.

This is the first report of many to come in the future. It showcases the company's zero-tolerance approach to hackers and cheaters alike. Furthermore, BGMI officials state that they are implementing strong sanctions for those who use illegal programs.

Bgmi Anti Cheat
The official report on BGMI's Website

Fans of the game consider this move as a welcome step similar to the late PUBG Mobile ban pan initiative.

What's Considered Cheating In BGMI?

To avoid having your name on the next BGMI Anti-Cheat Update, you must understand what to and what not to do. There are certain rules and orders that all players must obey. A player will be considered cheating if they commit one of the actions below:

  • Use Unauthorized Programs or Hardware Devices: You cannot use unauthorized programs or hardware devices that are not permitted by KRAFTON that promote unfair gameplay using a specific mouse or other hardware devices (collectively “Unauthorized Programs or Devices”). Players must not develop, advertise, trade, or distribute unauthorized programs or hardware.
  • Modify the Game Client, Servers, or Game Data: Do not change the Game client (“ini” file modification, etc.) in any way.
  • Exploit Vulnerabilities in the Game (Bugs and Glitches): Players cannot take advantage of errors and bugs found while playing the game.
Bgmi Anti Cheat Hackers
Win the game with your own skills, not by cheating!

Should KRAFTON finds you violating one of the actions above, you're subject to punishment. In small cases, you will receive in-game penalties. For example, a ban that ranges from 30 minutes to permanent. In more severe cases, you may stand under legal jurisdiction.

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