Developer Oddrok is previously known for their extremely stylish titles of Power Hover, a unique hover-boarding game or Glitch Run - a cool arcade runner. Now, the guys at Oddrok is having a new game in the making to show us in the future, “Boom Pilot”. This project is already under development phase and Oddrok is looking for beta testers to give it a try.

About Boom Pilot

Boom Pilot is a classic “Shoot ’em up” title, according to the folks at Oddrok. In Boom Pilot, you get to control a ship to battle malfunctioning robots that seek to take over the world. Just like any other games from Oddrok, Boom Pilot looks colorful with the cartoonish look.

The developer has been sharing clips of the game on Twitter and by the look of it, the game has amazingly smooth animation alongside an impressive level of polish that we expected from them.

Boom Pilot
Boom Pilot, coming soon to mobiles this summer.

Beta testers wanted!

According to the plan, Boom Pilot should come out this summer, on Jul 11th. At the moment, Oddrok is still in the search for interested players to participate in the beta. Of course, they want to make sure there will be no last-minute issues to arise prior to the official launch.

If you’re into this, the Testflight link is available for both iOS and Android users. From there, you can try out the game before anyone else and leave necessary comments for the developer.

For now, let's take a quick look at the gameplay of Boom Pilot.

Quick summary

In general, Oddrok has been doing well with their previous titles. People loved Power Hover! They also dug in the rally racers in Best Rally as well as the building-hopping arcade in Helihopper. Therefore, followers are curious to see what can Oddrok offer in the upcoming vertical shooter.

Boom Pilot
People loved Power Hover!

As for now, feel free to enroll for the beta and keep an eye out for future updates. Visit Boom Pilot‘s official site and don’t miss its official launch one month away from now.