PUBG New State has some similarities and differences in the arsenal. It has all old weapons in PUBG Mobile and PUBG PC but the customization mode makes them different. Here are the top 5 most impressive changes in PUBG New State weapons.

#5. Mk47 Mutant

Mk47 Mutant is often underrated in PUBG Mobile and BGMI due to its high recoil in the burst firing mode. However, this weapon got a huge buff after it was brought to PUBG New State. Thanks to the new customization kit, Mk47 is more stable while the rate of fire is still high (600rpm). Moreover, the base damage isn't nerfed.

Its base damage is still 49 HP per hit which is the highest point in the AR category. You can attach all types of grips, extended mag, stock, and muzzles. The best attachment combo includes a vertical grip, compensator, and quickdraw mag or quickdraw-extended mag. The best scope for Mk47 is the red dot.

Mk47 Pubg New State
MK47 is better in PUBG New State.

#4. DP-28

DP-28 is one of the most favorite weapons of pro players in PUBG Mobile and PUBG PC. This LMG is stable and versatile which can be used in both short and mid-range combat. PUBG Mobile pro players often switch to the burst firing mode to headshot enemies accurately. However, the reload duration is also the disadvantage of DP-28.

It takes about 4 seconds to reload the full mag of 47 bullets.  Therefore, game developers added a kit that extends the mag from 47 to 72 bullets per load. With a high base damage of 51, you can clutch every 1v4 situation in only a load of bullets. The reload duration now is 5 seconds but if you can fire accurately, you don't need to reload amid combat.

New Dp 28
DP-28 in PUBG New State can hold 72 bullets per load.

#3. VSS

VSS is the most silent weapon in PUBG games. It's a favorite weapon of snakes in Sanhok. This gun has a pre-equipped 4x scope. Therefore, PUBG Mobile players cannot attach or switch the scope for this gun. But in PUBG New State, you can attach any scopes you want, from red dot, holo to 8x scope. That's one of the most impressive changes in PUBG New State weapons.

Vss Pubg Ns
VSS in PUBG New State supports all scopes.

#4. M16A4

One of the biggest changes in the AR category of PUBG New State is the full-auto firing mode of M16A4. In PUBG and PUBG Mobile, M16A4 is often underrated because it only has the single and burst firing modes. However, after the Alpha Test of PUBG New State, M16A4 has a new full-auto firing mode.

This gun is a very powerful assault rifle with high initial bullet velocity. It will become one of the best weapons in this shooting game after this addition. It can help you survive in hot-drop locations in Troi.

M16a4 Pubg Ns
M16A4 has a new full-auto firing mode.

#5. SCAR-L

SCAR-L is a powerful AR in both PUBG Mobile and PUBG PC but players still prefer M416 which is more popular. But it may change in Troi 2051 when this gun is buffed a lot. Firstly, SCAR-L in PUBG New State is more stable and reliable with lower recoil. It's a perfect gun for beginners.

Next, the magazine is extended to 50 bullets per load. That's enough to take down some enemies before it runs out of bullets. After enhancements, SCAR-L is one of the best PUBG New State weapons now.

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