PUBG Mobile is in the collaboration with the famous K-Pop band BlackPink. The collaboration brought into the game many funs events for players to get free BlackPink themed rewards and skins.

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PUBG Mobile collaborates with the famous K-Pop band BlackPink with many new events

But this is something else that is entirely different and extremely creative. PUBG Mobile has made video music for BlackPink's song How Do You Like Me but the beat of the song was made by the sound of guns in PUBG Mobile. You can check out the song in the YouTube video below.

PUBG Mobile's first virtual in-game band Power4

PUBG Mobile has also introduced its first virtual in-game band Power4. This band has 4 members Lady of Blood as the singer, Wraith Lord as the bassist, Grave Lord as the Guitarist, while Spike Demon as the drummer.

Previously, there are 2 songs players can hear in-game, which are On My Way and PLAYING WITH FIRE, and they have become the signature song of PUBG Mobile for many players. Now, The first single of Power4 band, Nothing’s Getting In Our Way, is now available to be heard in the game. Players can hear this song by clicking on the Power4 event can click the Play button.

Power4 Band
PUBG Mobile has also introduced its first virtual in-game band Power4

Players can also collect the outfits of the 4 band members Wraith Lord Outfit, Spike Demon Outfit, Grave Lord Outfit, and Lady of Blood Outfit through the Legendary Contract events in the game. This event will last until  November 9, 2020. Players will have the spend 60 UC to draw one time and to get a chance to get one of these sets.

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