Chrono, a character based on world-famous football star Christiano Ronaldo, was released in a pretty broken state. This is partly because Ronaldo is Free Fire's biggest collab to date, and a strong character would draw more attention. Garena has swiftly nerfed the characters a few times afterward, and now, with the Free Fire OB30 patch on the horizon, it is revealed that Chrono is getting yet another nerf.

In this article, we are going to analyze Chrono in OB30 to see if he is still usable or not.

Free Fire Chrono Character Nerf
Chrono Nerf in OB30

1. Chrono's nerf in Free Fire OB30

Comparing to the previous nerf in OB27, the OB30 version is much milder. It only increases the cooldown of the skill by 10 seconds and decreases the duration of the bubble by 0.5s. The bonus speed while inside the bubble stay intact, which allows players to move in and out of the shield faster.

The shield is still super OP, allowing players to counter enemies attacks while remains invulnerable to damage.

Free Fire Chrono Character Ability Change Ob30
The new version of Chrono in OB30

However, this is the skill with the second longest cooldown in the game, after Wukong's Camouflage. However, Camouflage's cooldown can be refreshed after a kill, something Chrono can't do.

Chrono's ability
The various changes in Chrono's ability over time - the original version of the skill also boost the movement speed of teammates.

2. Is Chrono still worth using?

It is unlikely that this nerf would affect the popularity of Chrono at all, as Time Turner is still the strongest ability in the game. The cooldown nerf does not affect the actual effect of the skill, which provides an impenetrable shield for 7.5 seconds.

A good activation could turn the tide of battle easily. Therefore, people are still going to use Chrono in OB30, despite his massive cooldown. You need to max Chrono right away if you want to use him, as his skill at level 1 is nearly useless with a duration of 2.5 seconds.

3. How can Garena fix Chrono?

It is very likely that Chrono is going to get nerfed until his popularity drop, as Garena needs to sell new Free Fire characters. The easiest way for them to fix Chrono without changing his skill too much is to remove the ability to shoot through the shield of the user.

This change would allow Time Turner to have certain tactical applications without making it too OP. This way, they can even revert the shield back to its original 40 seconds cooldown without much problem. At this current form, players have to wait up to 3 minutes to activate the skill for a second time, which is a super big price to pay.

Shirou And Chrono Combination
Chrono's shield in open combat is pretty much a "get out of jail free" ticket.

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