The popular strategy game Clash of Clans from developer Supercell has just received a pretty big update adding plenty of new features. With this, players will have a new Town Hall, Hero, Troop, Siege Machine, and Defense to experiment around with. Check out the trailer below to see all the new stuff in action:

The new Town Hall is titled Town Hall 13 and it has a Dark Elixir Ice theme. Needless to say, you will get to upgrade it over time, and this new structure offers a bunch of additional content such as its signature defense. Named the “Giga Inferno”, it protects your headquarter with fire-based attacks. Moreover, if it does end up getting destroyed, it’ll literally go out with a bang, damaging everything caught in the explosion.

The update also sees several new units making their way to the game as well. The first of these is the Siege Barracks. Once put on the field, it’ll push out a small army to, you guessed it, lay siege to your opponent's outer walls. Meanwhile, the Scattershot, a catapult that launches shotgun-like projectiles, is another addition that’s intended to provide a countermeasure to the Siege Barracks.

Clash Of Clans Scattershot 28fe_wm
The Scattershot is a new catapult that launches shotgun-like boulders

Then there’s the new Troop: the Yeti, who walks around tearing down castle walls. This furry fella not only packs quite a punch, but it also has a bag on its back that contains Yetimites, which are smaller units that can jump straight over the walls to invade your opponent’s base.

And last but not least we have the Royal Champion, the first new addition to the Hero roster of Clash of Clans since 2015. She brings to the table her spear and her shield, the latter of which is capable of ricocheting off of several enemies once thrown.

Royal Champion 01 3cda_wm
The Royal Champion is the first new addition to the Hero roster of Clash of Clans since 2015

If you have not tried Clash of Clans before, or if you are a veteran player who has fallen out and now wants to make a return, you can find it available on both Google Play and the App Store for free right now.