Clorinde is making her way to Genshin Impact 4.7. Her exclusive web event titled 'An Eventful Vacation' is live now. It's also the first time you meet Fontaine's Champion Duelist as a playable character. Let's check out the rules, gameplay, and rewards here.

#1. Schedule & Eligibility

'An Eventful Eligibility' is a special web event celebrating the release of Clorinde in Genshin Impact 4.7. Every new 5-star character's debut in this game is celebrated in this way. This new web event takes place between May 31st and June 6th, 2024. It will end before the release of patch 4.7. It's open for every Genshin Impact player with a character account.

An Eventful Vacation
An Eventful Vacation Web Event

#2. How To Play An Eventful Vacation

Genshin Impact players can join this event in the in-game event center or via this event link. During this web event, you will follow Clorinde to reveal full stories to clear false news posted by tabloids on her vacation. Follow these steps to complete the mission.

#1. Case 1: Feeding Angler Gulls with Neuvillette

When Clorinde and Neuvillette are enjoying their vacation in Fontaine City and feeding Angler Gulls, she is accidentally captured in a photo with a hand pointing to a passing-by girl. Then, the tabloid posted a piece of false news that Clorinde was assaulting that tourist.

To feed the Angler Gulls, click on the screen to throw the snack to the birds when they are flying above Clorinde. Then, read the false news. To unveil the full story and clear up the fake news, drag the Angler Gulls to the circle on the picture.

Case 1
The first story in her vacation

#2. Case 2: Having Afternoon Tea with Navia

In the second case, Clorinde is having afternoon tea with Navia. You need to select the coffee or macaron option twice. A tabloid takes a photo of them enjoying tea and macarons with two pieces of apple trash behind Clorinde's chair.

Let's clear up this fake news by finding the one who ate the apple and left the trash on the ground. That's the dog of the girl at the next table. Drag that dog to the circle to recover the photo and unveil the true story.

Case 2
The second fake news was made when she was having tea with Navia.

#3. Case 3: Collecting Trash with Charlotte

To help Charlotte collect trash, you click on four pieces of trash on the ground and green bushes. Then, Clorinde will go to the little boy behind the bush. That's also the moment the tabloid took the photo and posted a piece of fake news. To help her clear it up, drag the balloon to the circle on the tree because Clorinde was helping him get his balloon back.

Case 3
Charlotte helped clear up the third fake news.

#3. An Eventful Vacation Event Rewards

After completing three event missions of 'An Eventful Vacation', each participant will get 40 Primogems, 3 Vajrada Amethyst Fragments, 3 Mystic Ores, and 20,000 Mora. Claim these rewards in the in-game mailbox before the mail expires after 30 days.

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