While the Indian version of PUBG Mobile is unlikely to arrive soon, COD Mobile may be the best pick for fans of shooter/battle-royale concept across the country. Mortal and Techno Gamerz, two renowned personalities in the gaming community, will battle against each other in COD Mobile on December 17th.

Mortal Vs Techno Gamerz
The face-off will go live at 8 PM, December 17th.

Both the content creators have announced their upcoming face-off on Instagram, which will go live at 8 PM. The post authored by Mortal read:

"Something is coming up with @ujjwalgamer on 17th December 2020 at 8 PM. All the best @ujjwalgamer"

In addition to that, Techno Gamerz also talked about a giveaway of 15,000 COD Mobile Points to 10 lucky winners in his post!

Techno Gamerz Vs Mortal
Techno Gamerz also talked about a giveaway of 15,000 COD Mobile Points in his post!

Those who want to partake in the event simply have to leave a comment on the post to call out the name of whom they support as well as some personal opinions or reasons behind their choices.

Other detailed information regarding this face-off like its format or which game modes will be chosen haven’t been unveiled at all, but fans of both the YouTubers and COD Mobile feel quite excited if they have a chance to spectate such a unique event. It’ll be very interesting to catch two talented gamers in action with their favorite game.

Mortal Cod Mobile Gameplay
With several natural-born skills, MortaL has shown his dominance in shooter games like PUBG Mobile and COD Mobile!

It’s likely that Mortal and Techno Gamerz will live-stream their match on YouTube, so feel free to keep an eye out for it via their channels as well as Instagram handles!

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