Quack quack

Duck Warfare is a strategy game that let you deploy duck armies to fight against human. Basically, it is a strategy tower defense game. You have to defend your base against the raid of the human army. You win by destroying the enemy base. Much like every other tower defense games, Duck Warfare is pretty easy to learn and pick up tricks.

Duck Warfare 01
"One of the quackiest game ever"

It may sound silly at first, an army of ducklings? The game in some part resembles the concept of the Age of War except that the game is much shorter and divided into many levels and stages. It may start out easy but the difficulty grows eventually. If you are a fan of simple strategy games, you definitely should not skip this.

Cartoon graphics coupled with simple gameplay makes Duck Warfare an ideal game to past time


The game gives you a stable flow of money. You will then expend that money to call out rubber ducks to fight against human. Ducks do regular attacks against human and clear them out. The more money you earn, the more ducks join in the fight. Gradually, you manage to outnumber the opponent to approach the human base and try to destroy it. Killing human soldiers may occasionally give you Duck Bux. With this special money, you can purchase new units to recruit in the game.

Duck Warfare 03
There is a wide variety of ducks for you to choose from

How many ducks can you name out? Scarred duck, ramboduck , superduck, suicidal duck, druckula, Duckgel, or even heliducker. These funny looking creatures will bring a smile to your face with its unique cast of characters.

If those are not hilarious enough, your human opponents can help. They like to use humor and some jokes to lighten up the game.

Duck Warfare 05
The game features some punch lines

The game currently receives around 10,000 good reviews with an average of 4.5 out of 5 stars. Most of the reviews are good thanks to the fun the game delivers.

Duck Warfare is available on Google Play Store for Android and App Store for IOS. With just $1, you can enjoy this funny and amusing game. However, the game is currently free to play. Go and grab it while the game is still free. It is well worth your time.