Genshin Impact 2.8 Phase 2 has been released, and with it, a new event called Reminiscent Regimen. Players will need to join hands in a co-op session to tackle 6 challenges and win around 420 primogems.

In this article, Gurugamer is going to showcase a complete guide for Genshin Impact Reminiscent Regimen event.

Complete the Reminiscent Regimen event to get a whopping 420 primogems.

1. About Reminiscent Regimen event in Genshin Impact

Event Details

Every day, a new challenge will be unlocked. To participate, players must be at least Adventure Rank 32 or above and have completed complete the Summertime Odyssey: I Event Quest. Additionally, they also need to complete the unlock quest, "Any Unsolved Mysteries?".

The event will be active from August 4 to August 15, 2022. Currently, players can only pick the Descent-themed challenges. You can claim rewards for reaching 200, 350, and 500 points.

Reminiscent Regimen Event Rewards

  • Primogem x420
  • Hero's Wit x12
  • Mora x240000
  • Mystic Enhancement Ore x24
  • Adventurer's Experience x24
  • Talent Ascension Materials x24

2. Complete Guide For Reminiscent Regimen

Reminiscent Regimen has three themes. Each of these themes has two challenge levels, and these levels unlock each day until the sixth challenge is available. Players should complete all challenge objectives and grab all tokens for the most points possible.

If you get lost in the event, click on the Return to Challenge Area button under the challenge objectives to spawn to your teammates' location.

Descent Challenge

The Descent Challenge starts with players standing on a floating platform, and the goal is to battle enemies on other platforms on your way down within the time limit.

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Descent from platform to platform until you reach sea level.

Players need to defeat all the enemies on the current platform for the next wave of enemies to spawn.

Occasionally, an Aegis of Descent will appear during the challenge, pick it up to change the traits of the floating platform and aid you in the challenge. Stepping on the green symbols on platforms will also increase your jumping height, making it possible to make more Plunging Attacks.

Raid Challenge

In the Raid Challenge, you and another player will navigate the seas using Waveriders within the time limit to reach a sea region. Activate the wind currents using the Waverider Mooring Points to board floating platforms and defeat the enemies there!

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Steer the waverider and get all the points.


Convoy Challenge

For the last challenge, the Convoy Challenge, players must work together to protect a vessel on the Driftstone Raft from enemies on its way to the marked location within the time limit.

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The propulsion device is the most important part of the raft.

There are 4 components that can be destroyed by enemies. The party needs to protect them in order to continue the challenge. To repair the components, just pick up Repair parts on the platforms.

Occasionally, an Ominous Obstacle will appear and block the path of the Driftstone Raft. You need to destroy it to proceed with the challenge.

You can replenish the Propulsion Device's energy using Drift Energy. It is what keeps the raft going so players need to continuously charge it up. Otherwise, the raft would stop moving.

3. Best characters to use in Reminiscent Regimen

The key to completing these challenges quickly is to throw enemies off the platform instead of fighting them.

Build Kazuha
Picking characters with crowd control anemo attacks is the quickest way to complete this event.

Below are the best characters to do this job:


Kazuha is super versatile and can be used on pretty much all team comps.

Overall, Kazuha is the best pick for the event. He can group mobs of enemies together for fast clear. The best part, however, is that his Elemental Skill allows him to get back up the platform if players somehow fall off it.


Sucrose is a flexible character who can crowd control and debuff enemies while buffing the elemental reaction damage of your other characters. Can CC vacuum enemies in with both her Skill and Burst.


Jean can heal the party and knock enemies off the platform with either her Charged attacks or Elemental Skill.


His Elemental Burst is one of the best crowd control in the game, with the ability to group up enemies and absorb elements.

It has a huge AOE that draws enemies inside and launches them into the air.


Shikanoin Heizou is a new 4-star Catalyst user. With a little bit of crowd control and a DPS-style kit, Heizou is a fun character player can use to cruise through in the event.

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