Yun Jin is a 4 Star Geo Polearm character in Genshin Impact. She is an S-tier support character dedicated to Normal Attack characters such as Ayato and Yoimiya. Because of that, she can only fit in a limited number of team comps.

In this article, Gurugamer is going to showcase a complete Yun Jin team comps guide for Genshin Impact 2.8.

1. High-End Yun Jin Team Comps

Yun Jin mainly boosts her teammates' attacks using her Burst, granting them extra damage based on her DEF. Her constellations are very powerful - C2 gives teammates 15% Normal ATK damage and C6 gives 12% ATK speed.

Yun Jin Best Weapons In Genshin Impact
Players need at least 200% ER for her to be effective.

Players need to stack energy regeneration on Yun Jin in order to use her Burst more consistently.

Ayato + Yoimiya Vaporize Team

  • Ayato + Yoimiya + Bennett + Yun Jin

Ayato is the main DPS of this team comp, dealing damage and triggering Vaporize reactions with support from Yoimiya. Yun Jin is the main normal attack supporter, increasing both Yoimiya and Ayato's capability.

Yoimiya Genshin Impact 1 Hd Wallpaper 1920x1080 Uh
Yoimiya is still the best character to combo with Yun Jin

Yoimiya is the sub DPS that can act as the team's damage dealer while Ayato's ability is on cooldown. She supports Ayato with her burst.

Bennett is here to heal and buff the team's attack. Furthermore, he can also unlock Pyro resonance with Yoimiya for extra damage. His slot can be exchanged for a Geo character such as Albedo or Zhongli for Geo resonance.

Yoimiya + Yelan Vaporize Team

  • Yoimiya + Yelan + Kazuha + Yun Jin 

This team works pretty much the same as the previous lineup, with Yelan replacing Xingqiu in the support slot. She is overall a superior Xingqiu, with the ability to provide a whopping 50% damage boost to the on-field characters. Kazuha's Elemental Mastery boost will increase Yoimiya's Vaporize damage greatly, on top of his RES reduction with the Venerer set.

Best Yun Jin Character Builds
Yun Jin is the perfect support for Yoimiya. Her C6 can increase Yoimiya's attack speed even further.

Yun Jin is the best support for normal attack characters like Yoimiya. With 4 characters of 4 different elements, players can unlock Protective Canopy for +15% all RES. Yun Jin's passive also gives extra damage this way.

Ayato Electro Charged team

  • Ayato + Yun Jin + Fischl + Beidou

Ayato is the Main DPS in this team, dealing damage with his continuous Hydro attacks. This reacts with the constant Electro application from Fischl to trigger electro charged.

Ayato can combo really well with Yun Jin as his kit is all about normal attacking.

Fischl is the main sub DPS of the team, who can take over the DPS role if Ayato's abilities are on cooldown. The damage of this lineup can be improved significantly if players have C6 Fischl.

Beidou's Burst can provide Electro damage from backstage, which synergy pretty well with Ayato. She also unlocks Electro resonance with Fischl. Lastly, Yun Jin provide extra damage boost and shield when needed.

2. Mid-Tier Yun Jin Team Comps

Yun Jin Geo Superconduct team

  • Yun Jin + Zhongli + Razor + Beidou

While this kind of physical team might not be meta, building it is still a lot of fun.

Genshin Impact Razor Build Best
Yun Jin can also support superconduct teams that use normal attacks.

Yun Jin provides Normal Attack buffs while unlocking Geo Resonance for Zhongli, who shred def and has a decent physical attack. Razor and Rosaria can unlock superconduct to allow Zhongli to hit harder.

This combo could be customized with many characters, based on the ones you have at hand. Razor can be switched to main DPS, with a Cryo character like Diona as support. Fischl could serve as a more reliable Electro enabler... etc. Zhongli can be replaced with Noelle, as Yun Jin's buff works on her Elemental Burst.

Yun Jin Pure Geo Team

  • Yun Jin + Itto + Albedo + Gorou

A Pure Geo team can be meta pretty easily with either Itto or a heavily invested Zhongli/Noelle.

Yun Jin can work in a Geo team regardless of meta

Players can just field Yun Jin alongside Gorou and any Geo DPS character they want to use. From Ningguang to Noelle, to Albedo and Itto, there are a lot of chances for a pure geo team to shine.

Itto is the main DPS of the squad. His role is to deal damage by spamming his Charge Attack. Albedo's role is the sub DPS who deals damage off-field with elemental burst. Gorou is the main support of the team. He maximizes Itto and Albedo's damage by providing DMG bonus and DEF bonus. With the Archaic Petra set, Gorou can provide even more Geo DMG bonus by picking up crystals (35%).

3. F2P Yun Jin Team Comp

Yun Jin + Noelle team

  • Noelle + Yun Jin + Bennett + Xiangling

If you don't have too many characters and want to build a lineup that includes Yun Jin, Noelle is probably the best option. The other members of the team can be anything, but the most efficient is probably a Pyro duo such as Bennett and Xiangling

When it comes to budget teams, players can easily create an easy-to-play lineup with Yun Jin and Noelle.

The raw damage from Elemental resonance and buffs from Yun Jin + Bennett would let Noelle deal reliable damage.

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