A lot of game company have been giving away stuff for free in order to help people remains inside during the worldwide pandemic. Today, two incredible mobile titles, Monument Valley 2 and Lara Croft GO, are available for free on both the Google Playstore and the iOS store. To acquire those two games, you would only have to go to the stores, types in the name, search and download. You should proceed to do this as soon as possible, as those games are not going to be free forever. Find out more about Mobile games on Gurugamer.

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Strategize to find out the best way to cross all the obstacles

The first game is Lara Croft GO, developed by the mobile team of Square Enix - it is a turn-based puzzle game spinoff based on the Tomb Raider series. In this game, you would play as Lara Croft, a highly resourceful and athletic adventurer/archaeologist, in her journey across the game board. To reach her goal, you would have to direct her to cross through lots of obstacles and traps - manipulating the environment in order to reach the finish line. There are 115 puzzles in Lara Croft Go, each intricately designed with stunning visuals and swipe to move controls.

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Explore strange vistas all over the world

Lara Croft GO came out back in 2015 and was a massive hit - it was the winner in 2015's The Game Award, one of the biggest gaming gala in the industry.

Next up on the list is 2017's Monument Valley 2, another puzzle game - the sequel to Monument Valley, one of the biggest hit in 2014. In this game, you would play as Ro, who's on a self-discovery journey to find her young daughter while discovering the sacred motherly bond between them.

Nexus2cee Mv2
Monument Valley 2's optical illusion in level designs

Optical illusions based on Escherian-style maze is the main appeal of this game - the puzzles are weaved expertly into the storyline to create an exciting journey that players would not be able to stop once they turned it on. The game's various "impossible objects" and the use of tricky illusions made its puzzles pretty challenging - it might take you a long time to solve just one. Monument Valley 2 was the best Mobile game in The Game Awards 2017, earning over 3.5 million downloads in just a year - this is actually top-tier for a paid game.

Monument Valley 2
The concept is expanded greatly, with each level being very unique

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