Let’s go back in time to those driving games of the old days. Cubed Rally Racer has been one of the best iOS classic driving games in my opinion. It is that key cel-shaded graphics and simple presentations that create an awesome racing game and appeal to a huge number of players. The game was under the development of Nocanwin, and there is no doubt that it has become one of the most popular sequences of indie titles on the App Store. The next one on the list was Cubed Rally Redline, which was inspired by Rally Racer’s essence mixed into an endless ride where the player can drift around the corners and swap between lanes to collect points instead of just simply controlling the car.

2019 04 25 13
Cubed Rally World tasks players with switching between lanes and drifting instead of simply controlling the vehicle

Cubed Rally World used these previous concepts with some new touch of a variety of amazing new modes into the mix. The Android variants are still available to this day, but we cannot say the same for the iOS counterpart. However, GameClub - the studio that has been responsible for resurrecting many iOS classics,  has yet again jumped into the fray and save the day as they finally announced that Cubed Rally World would be on their list, along with a ton of interesting game titles, all of which are currently available for early access on TestFlight

2019 04 25 14
There are multiple settings in the game

If you have somehow been skipping the news recently, the titles that received an official announcement of a revival include the aforementioned Cubed Rally World, Incoboto, Sword of Fargoal, Hook Champ, and a lot more. You can check these games out in GameClub’s early access program, or you can visit their Discord server to join the community and contribute some feedback to those games to help the developer fix any potential bugs or glitches.