Puzzle Pelago is a puzzle/base-building game released earlier this year for the iOS platform to a pretty warm reception. Now, the game has just got a big update adding plenty of new content and adjustments, and the developer has announced that it will also be making its way over to the Android platform soon.

Puzzles Pelago Ios Android Featured 5fa1_wm
The update adds plenty of new content

Aside from providing a good chunk of new content for players to enjoy – namely 40 extra levels bringing the total count to over a hundred, the update also tweaks some of the earlier levels to make the game more accessible for newcomers. Most notably, the UI is adjusted to give a more streamlined experience.

In case you are not familiar with Puzzle Pelago, it could be described as an “economy simulator”. While that might sound dull at first, the actual gameplay is actually quite satisfying despite its simplicity. Basically, all you have to do is clicking and dragging various buildings on the map to gather natural resources and eventually set up a production chain to make what the people on that island require. Check out its trailer below:

For example, you can connect a lumber yard to a forest to collect wood, and then use that wood to make planks at a sawmill. The challenge here is that you have to plan ahead to ensure that the paths connecting them will not overlap.

Everything is presented in a low-poly yet aesthetically pleasing art style. After all, this is a game that was designed to be casual and relaxing, so it makes sense for the graphics to reflect that. The soundtrack, meanwhile, is similarly light-hearted as well. You can watch the trailer included above to hear some of it.

Puzzles Pelago Ios Android Gameplay 5a09_wm
The art style is cute and appealing

Puzzle Pelago is available right now on the App Store and will arrive on Google Play soon. The iOS version is a premium app priced at $2.99 (Rs 215).