The sequel of Dark Sword - Dark Sword 2 is coming to your phone next weeks. It's the product from the developer Nanoo Company, which has gained a lot of reputation with the first Dark Sword game.

hile Dark Sword 2 brings a lot of change and visual enhancement, you can still run it on the low-end and mid-end devices. And if you're really desperate to find a hack-n-slash take the sci-fi settings, here's the trailer for you:

Story Introduction

In Dark Sword 2, you will play in the future world where machines rule everything. However, the machine was hacked by Azi Dahaka, as he posed a serious threat to human's being.

It's your duty - a member of the female cyborg army - Fatima to rise and fight for the human race. Join the rebellion, slice through all the machines obstructing you and reach to the final hacker.

The gameplay of Dark Sword 2

Like the first title in the series, Dark Sword 2 continues to feature the hack-n-slash RPG gameplay in the dark silhouette world.

Dark Sword 2 Brings Cyborg Fights Onto Mobile Devi
Fighting in the shadow seems very cinematic

To be more specific, you'll take on the role of a cyborg with your weapons to fight with tons of other machines. Both you and your enemies will be portrayed as the dark shadows. But don't worry, because the action will be more vibrant.

The actions take place through 2D side-scrolling. Your enemies will vary from many types: the flying, the shooting, and the slashing. And as they heavily outnumber you, you can't just fight with normal attacks. As a result, the game gives you a range of skills that deal massive damage to your enemies.

Dark Sword 2 Brings Cyborg Fights Onto Mobile Devi
You'll have a set of skills to use alongside with your normal attack

However, you can't just smack them like it's no tomorrow since all your skills have cooldowns. Consequently, it's best to plan and mix your skills properly. Or you'll find yourself testing your swordsmanship in the middle of a bunch of cyborgs, which is not going to end up well!

And the skillsets are also different among every Fatima. So, plan on how to use tags and compabilities rates properly is the key to lead you to success.

As you slay more and more enemies, you'll collect their parts to upgrade your power. There are a lot of things waiting for you to enhance, including your AI, Weapons, Skills, Plugins, Insignia, and Battle Gears. Alongside that, Dark Sword 2 also gives you the crafting system, in which you put your collected parts of the enemies to make your god-tier equipment.

Dark Sword 2 Brings Cyborg Fights Onto Mobile Devi
Complete over 100 missions to gain upgrades for your characters

With over 100 missions including both the easy ones and the hard ones, it's best to team up with your friends. The game supports multiplayer play, in which you can form a team of up-to-three players to slide into the battles.

Dark Sword 2 Brings Cyborg Fights Onto Mobile Devi
Team-up to deal with the ridiculous number of cyborgs

You can play the game offline as well. And even though it doesn't take much of your phone's memory space, there will be some contents won't be available for offline play.

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The developer has primed the game with some remarkable statistics: Over 10 million total global downloads, and No. 1 Popular RPG in 54 countries. And with those numbers, it's more reasons for me to try this game.

Dark Sword 2 will release for both iOS and Android devices on July 15. And thanks to the developer's effort to optimize the game, it still runs well on low-spec devices.

And since you don't have to worry about the requirements, pre-register now to be the first one to try this Dark Sword sequel!