Dead Cells is one of the most acclaimed action-platformer released on PC and console last year, and as we previously reported, it is getting a mobile port in the near future. Now, the developer is allowing interested players to sign up for a beta test of this upcoming mobile version. If you successfully participate, you’ll receive a free copy of Dead Cells mobile when it officially launches – in addition to getting to play this awesome title early, of course. Do note, however, that this is available for iOS users only.

Dead Cells Mobile Trailer

If you own an iOS device and want a chance to check out the beta, all you have to do is going to the form in this link and fill in the required information. And if you’re chosen, you’ll also have to sign a non-disclosure agreement to make sure you don’t spill the beans to others about what new features the mobile version has in store.

Dead Cells is coming to mobile this summer

In case you don’t know, Dead Cells is a 2D roguevania with a little bit of a Dark Souls vibe added into the mix. In this game, you’ll get to explore a wide variety of stunningly beautiful (albeit rather grim and extremely punishing) levels and overcome tons of nasty enemies in brutal combat.

Dead Cells Combat
The combat is absolutely brutal

“Brutal” is precisely the word to describe it, as you have to truly analyze the attack patterns of every enemy (and likely die a lot doing so) if you want to succeed. As is typical for a roguelike, when you die it’s game over, so be prepared!

The levels, meanwhile, are intricately designed with lots of content to offer. There are often more several paths through a level, plenty of hidden areas to discover and bosses to defeat.

Dead Cells mobile is scheduled to launch this summer for both Android and iOS. If you want to find out more about the game, visit its official website or check out our previous coverage here.