Based on a recent announcement by Activision Blizzard, the alpha test phase for Diablo Immortal, the infamous scandal of Blizzcon 2018, is planned for release this year. Various information about the general shape of the game has also been brought to light as well.

While there isn’t any release date yet, the developers believe that the project is developed pretty well. During BlizzCon 2019, an upgraded version of the title was on display, along with various internal playtest sessions with promising results.

Diablo Immortal
The monk would be a playable class in Immortal

With the internal phase concluded, it is about time that Blizzard gets this game out there so that people would be able to playtest the game and provide feedback. While no exact date was provided for this, the time frame of Q2 to Q3 2020 was provided. The alpha test phase would be regional – which means players outside of the assigned region would not be able to play it. Based on the location of the developer and Blizzard’s intended market, it is likely that the phase would only happen in China and the US.

There would be various multiplayer mode and Coop

Activision also reveals that Blizzard and developer NetEase are working closely on the project to ensure that the game would be the most authentic Diablo experience. This is likely an attempt to pacify the fans who have a bias about “a mobile game made by Chinese devs”. Blizzard itself would remain committed to the PC platform. Overall, NetEase is probably going to be fine, as they have a lot of experience in making mobile games – if Blizzard were to make Immortal, they would have to start from scratch.

In other news, Rod Fergusson of Gears of War fame is going to join Blizzard to oversee the Diablo franchise. This would definitely affect Diablo 4, which is currently under development in Blizzard. The Diablo 4 announcement a few months ago has seemingly removed all bad blood between the Diablo fanbase and Blizzard.

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