GOG always gives us DRM-free games, so that we can enjoy them wherever we go without needing an Internet connection to do so. And with a Diablo-like game like Din's Legacy that requires grinding quite frequently, it's much more convenient to be able to play on-the-go, and GOG has jumped in to help us.

Din's Legacy is headed to GOG with its DRM rip-off, and is currently under 25% discount for end-year sale. It's an isometric game where you take control of a mutant orc to fight to protect the world of one Orc race following the order of the trickster god.

If you've missed the initial launch of the game on Steam, feel free to watch the trailer below to catch some vibes:

The concept of Din's Legacy

Din's Legacy takes you to a fantasy world, and experience the inner problem of the Orcs clans that lead to a division. The entire race was split into three factions: the Zombielords, the Dark Orcs and the Mutated. Among them, the Mutated was hated the most from the two other sides, since they wield an insane power that can shadow the other.

To be more specific, the Mutated has the Orc blood inside their vein, enhance by zombie parasites and can perform some magic of necromancers, which make them the preeminent creatures in the Orc's world. Additionally, they're closed to the Elves regarding both physical and cultural elements, and they want to show it to the world that they're not dangerous.

Dins Legacy Gog Drm Free Launch 3
The Mutated Orcs are much more powerful than the others

However, other Orcs are still fear of them, especially their gradually-mutating characteristics, which leads to mistrust and causes chaotic fights between races. Unfortunately, the trickster god namely Din is very interested in their mutating nature and has made a deal with the Mutated, requiring them to fight for him wherever he sends them two in exchange for being resurrected every time they died working for him.

Dins Legacy Gog Drm Free Launch 4
Can you become the champion that Din needs?

Gameplay features

Taking control of one of Din's Mutated Orc champions, you'll have to fight against tons of enemies in his order to gain the peace for your race and the most important thing: his Legacy. As I've mentioned, Din's Legacy is a Diablo-like RPG, where you'll control your character from a fixed isometric perspective, and use your power against anyone standing on your way.

As the element of a role-playing game, your character will gain levels for the enemies you've slain, which ends up giving you mutated points. Spending those points in specific mutated traits, you'll experience your Orc developing toward different sub-class with enhanced powers in specific skills.

Dins Legacy Gog Drm Free Launch 5
Continuously fighting gives you mutated points

For example, you can use them to upgrade your physical strength to strike harder, or on the necromancer, traits to blow much more powerful spells. However, mutating over time can bring both positive and negative effects, so you'll have to accept the odds and move on. Every decision you make will affect the outcome of the game, and together with the procedurally-generated world, Din's Legacy has high replayability.

Dins Legacy Gog Drm Free Launch 2
Upgrade your necromancer abilities to shoot more powerful spells

Every time you make your journey in this world, the game will give you different win conditions as well as different enemies set-up, quests and gifts, bring whole new experience to the gameplay. And if you really find those quests hard, you can invite your friend in for some co-op multiplayer to solve problems together.

Dins Legacy Gog Drm Free Launch 6
Din's Legacy supports multiplayer

Supported platforms

Din's Legacy is now available on Steam and GOG, with both versions under a 25% discount, cutting its price down to only $14.99.

Dins Legacy Gog Drm Free Launch 7
We recommend getting the game on GOG, but it's your choice after all

However, the GOG version is DRM-free, which means you don't need to connect to the Internet before launching the game. There are also other games at sharp discounts in this Winter Sale event, which you can check here.