Coming from developer Youth Control Games, MIXMSTR is a promising rhythm action game for mobile in which you’ll become an aspiring DJ trying to make a name for yourself in this world. Starting out in small pubs, you’ll gradually work your way up the ladder to eventually star in the most luxurious clubs in the world. Check out its trailer below:

As you progress throughout the game, you'll save money to buy new music, with which you’ll mix new tracks to attract the crowd to the dance floor. Basically, the gameplay consists of rhythm action challenges mixed with strategic music selection.

The team behind the game actually has a background in electronic music, and they have promised to deliver as authentic of an experience as possible. MIXMSTR will feature tunes from several real-world artists, with some of the biggest labels of dance music set to make their way to the in-game store soon. All in all, it is certainly looking like a premier DJ game for mobile.

Mixmstr Ios Screenshot Dj 582f_wm
Become a DJ and work your way toward stardom!

The developer also has plans to expand upon the core idea of the game in the future, such as adding character customization (with the option to create a female DJ avatar), new challenges to overcome, and more venues to play.

Timo Juuti, CEO at Youth Control Games, shared that since there are tons of virtual DJ apps out there already, he and his team wanted to deliver something different. They all had a passion for the clubbing scene, and so they decided to make a game about it and about the DJ culture. Through MIXMSTR, they hope that players can have a taste of what it is like to make the dance floor explode with their musical talent, though of course you don’t have to be an actual DJ to enjoy this game.

Dj Game Mixmstr 8baa_wm
Collect new records and unlock new clubs as you progress

If you have a fantasy of becoming the next big name in electronic music, you’ll find MIXMSTR available for download on both Google Play and the App Store right now for free.