If you love the aesthetics side of games, you are going to love Garena Free Fire. The game offers a ton of selection when it comes to cosmetic items. You can purchase the skin directly from the in-game store or from various events.

Personagem Moco Sera A Proxima A Despertar No Free
Moco is here to stay!

The recently released “Moco: Rebirth” event is one of the best events right now. It offers several exclusive rewards, including “Pan - Moco Month,” “Cyber Falco,” and “Glo Technica Skyboard.” Here's how to get them!

Pan - Moco Month

The pan skin is one of the best presents in the newly commenced event. All you have to do is to log in for a specific number of days to obtain the various rewards.

Moco Month Pan
Moco's pan looks absolutely gorgeous.

Check out the rewards and requirements for them below:

  • Diamond Royale Voucher - Login 1 day
  • Weapon Royale Voucher - Login 3 days
  • UMP- Cataclysm Weapon Loot Crate - Login 5 days
  • Pan - Moco Month - Login 7 days

Hence, to receive the exclusive pan skin, you have to log in for a duration of seven days.

Glo Technica Skyboard

The “Moco’s Challenge” event is another one currently going in Free Fire. To obtain the final reward - Glo Technica Skyboard, you have to play a given number of matches using the Moco character. Here's the detail:

Glo Technica Board
Play 5 matches with Moco to get the Glo Technica Skyboard.
  • Gold Royale Voucher - Play 1 match with Moco
  • Weapon Royale Voucher - Play 3 matches with Moco
  • Glo Technica Skyboard - Play 5 matches with Moco

Cyber Falco

Cyber Falco is one of the many rewards in the Coder’s Crib event. The event went live on September 10th and will conclude on September 26th. In this event, players have to collect Code Cube C1 tokens through in-game missions and after-match drops. You can then use these tokens to earn M coins. Exchange M coins in the Horizon Store for various rewards.

Coder Crib
Don't miss your chance to play Coder's Crib and win tons of free rewards.

Importantly, items in Horizon Store become accessible after reaching a certain percentage of Deciphering Progress. The Cyber Falco is part of the 25% Progress section. It has become accessible. However, users have to spend 150 M coins to redeem the skin.

Cyber Falcon
Pay 150 M coins to get this Cyber Falcon.

So, if you have enough coins to spend, go and redeem your rewards right now!

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