The Moco Rebirth month is bringing a lot of new events to Free Fire for players to enjoy and get rewards, such as Moco Rebirth The Puzzle or Moco Coder Crib. Most of these events are fun and they are a great chance for you to get some free exclusive skins.

Free Fire just released a new Cyber Rocker Star event featuring many exclusive prizes, including the All In Control Emote. In this article, we will explain how this event work and how to get all the grand prizes.

All In Control Emote
Free Fire just released a new Cyber Rockstar event featuring many exclusive prizes.

Free Fire Cyber Rocker Star Event

Free Fire Cyber Rocker Star event starts on September 13 to September 19.

In this event, you will spin to get prizes from Moco's collection. The first spin is free. There 5 prizes on the spin. Each time you spin, the prize won will be removed from the spin and 1 grand prize will be added to the spin. After all the 5 grand prizes have been added, no more items will be added to the wheel. This means you can get all the 5 grand prizes after 10 spins.

Moco Cyber Rocker Star
Each spin will remove 1 prize from the wheel and add 1 grand prize to the wheel.

The grand prizes will be added to the wheel from top-down.  Here is the list of all 5 grand prizes:

  • All in Control Emote
  • Moco's Arc Scyther skin
  • AUG Cosmic Teleportia skin
  • Plasma Ball Loot Box
  • Motor Bike Moco Month skin

Here are the cost of each spin:

  • One spin: free
  • Two spins: 20 Diamonds
  • Three spins: 40 Diamonds
  • Four spins: 60 Diamonds
  • Five spins: 80 Diamonds
  • Six to ten spins: 100 Diamonds

There are still a lot more events coming in the Moco Rebirth so stay tuned with Gurugamer for the latest update.

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