Drumalong Festival Event is an upcoming music game in Genshin Impact 2.7. Arataki Gang invites players to take part in this music festival and play music as drum artists. Check out how to perform, edit, and share music.

How To Perform Music

Participants can take part in the music event when receiving the invitation letter from Arataki Gang. Then, you need to complete the tutorial quest and talk to the festival ambassador Genta to start the music game. You can find him on Amakane Island in Inazuma.

There are seven songs to unlock during this event. Each song has three levels of difficulty: Normal, Hark, and Pro. If you complete the song at the highest difficulty level, you can claim all rewards immediately.

Drumalong Festival Event
Tap or hole the note to perform the music

Here's how to perform the music in this game:

  • When the musical notes fall on the Decision Line, you need to tap on it accurately.
  • Hold the sound note when it's a long not till the end of the light strip.
  • Change the falling speed of the musical notes if you want them to fall faster or slowlier.
  • You can go to the setting and calibrate the score.

How To Edit & Share Music

Genshin Impact players can edit music in the Advanced Editing mode. You can add and edit musical notes to make beautiful songs. For example, you can change the type of the notes, such as short notes and long notes. Besides, you can remove some existing notes according to reference lines.

The Advanced Editing mode is more complicated than the normal one, but you can make more beautiful songs to share. Once you complete the challenge and reach the Discantus level on the song, you can share the musical sheet you have created.

Unlock The Song
Unlock the song and take the challenge

Each completed song has a unique share code for players to find the song on the event page. Go to the page of the event and enter the song's code to find it. Then, tap/click on the Perform button to play the song. You can also check out the information about the song, such as the number of notes, creator, and name of the song.

Event Date & Rewards

The Drum music festival start at 10.00 am (UTC+8) today, June 13, 2022. It will end at 03.59 am (UTC+8), July 4. Make sure that you reached Adventure Rank 30 or above to be eligible for this music game.

Then, complete the Ritou Escape Plan quest and The Immovable God and the Eternal Euthymia quests today to get ready for the music game. By completing the music game, players will obtain lots of rewards, including:

  • Mora x420;
  • Primogems;
  • Mystic Ores;
  • Hero's Wits;
  • Weapon Ascension Materials;
  • Arataki's Great and Glorious Drum.
Drum Music Festival
Drum Music Festival rewards.

The Arataki's Great and Glorious Drum is the premium reward in this music festival event. This is the second musical instrument in this game up to now.

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