Garena Free Fire has released the latest OB26 update patch on February 4, 2021. Since the first leak surged the Internet, survivors around the world can not contain their excitement to try out the new features. Out of all the things new in this update, we find the Dynamic Duo most interesting.

Dynamic Duo Free Fire Date
The Dynamic Duo Feature will be available on Feb 9th, 2021

Let's review every detail you need to know about the unprecedented social system that is the Dynamic Duo feature.

Dynamic Duo in Garena Free Fire

Though being a part of the new OB26 patch, the Dynamic Duo feature is only accessible just yet, It will go online on February 9th, 2021. Those who enjoy playing with friends can definitely benefit from this!

How to Form a Dynamic Duo?

A Dynamic Duo is the special in-game bond between two friends in Free Fire. To form this "relationship", players have to buy The 'Golden Vow' from the 'Store'.

golden vow dynamic duo
Send a Golden Vow to your friend to form a Dynamic Duo

Once sent, the "partner" will have 8 hours to accept or decline the request. If they accept, your Dynamic Duo will be formed. However, if there is no choice made in 8 hours after the invitation sent, it gets rejected automatically. The Golden Vow will then return to the player.

Note: Players can only send a single invitation to friends on the list.

How to Cancel the Dynamic Duo?

Players cannot terminate the 'Dynamic Duo' within the first 24 hours. after that time, to cancel or terminate the existing bond, players must navigate to the Dynamic Duo tab and request the action to the friend.

Golden Vow Free Fire
Send your Golden Vow to a friend

The ‘Dynamic Duo’ will be terminated if the partner accepts the dissolution request or doesn’t respond within 48 hours. If the friend rejects the termination, players must wait for 48 hours to resend another request. This time, the bond will be canceled by force.

However, players should note that the Golden Vow will not be returned once they break the bond.