The end of 2020 has witnessed a dramatic surge in the number of new Free Fire players in India. With more than 30 crore active users, India is one of the countries with the most Free Fire players in the world. With such overwhelming popularity, there are more and more new e diamond center Free Fire being launched in India.

Apart from acclaimed top-up flatforms which players have been familiar with, Razor Pay is the new Indian top-up platform where you can get lucrative deals to buy more e diamonds for your game with less money. Here is all you need to know about the top-up center and how to get diamonds at the cheapest price.

E Diamond Center Free Fire
RazorPay is said to be the cheapest e diamond center Free Fire. However, is it reliable to give out your money?

RazorPay: The new e Diamond center Free Fire in India?

For the unversed, RazorPay is a popular payment gateway in India that allows users to make online transactions using several types of payment from credit card, debit card, UPI net banking, or digital wallets.

Apart from providing customers a vast range of purchasing options, RazorPay claimed that they founded an official partnership with Garena Free Fire so that players can top up diamonds at a super cheap price. However, the controversy around this new e diamond center Free Fire has been sparkled as RazorPay was accused of scaming players. Keep reading to find out the truth about it.

The cheapest e Diamond center Free Fire ever?

It’s not hard to see how cheap it is topping up the diamond from this platform. While you need to spend Rs 250 on the Google Play Store just to get 310 diamonds, the same number of diamonds come at only Rs 100 on E Diamond Center Free Fire which means you can get a 60% off.

In fact, this price is als more competitive than Games Kharido, the official top-up website of Garena Free Fire as you will only get the 100% bonus for the first time only.

Here is the detailed price list of e diamond center Free Fire on RazorPay:

  • 150 diamonds - ₹ 50.00
  • 320 diamonds - ₹ 100.00
  • 670 diamonds - ₹ 200.00
  • 1400 diamonds - ₹ 300.00
  • 3000 diamonds - ₹ 500.00
  • 7000 diamonds - ₹ 1.000.00

This is absolutely an unbelievable price that no top-up website around the world can offer. However, the price for it might be bigger than you might see.

E Diamond Center Free Fire Razorpay

How to top up e diamond center free fire on Razorpay

Visiting the e Diamond center Free Fire website of RazorPay, you can find that it only takes a few steps to purchase a Free Fire diamond. The website which states to have a trustful collaboration with Free Fire provides a wide range of purchasing options. Here is how to top up the diamond on the website:

  • Visit the e diamond center Free Fire website via the following link:
  • Select the number of diamonds you want to buy in the right column. There is a vast range of options from 150 to 7000 diamonds so you’re free to choose based on your demand.
  • Enter your exact player ID in the textbox
  • Enter the e diamond center Free Fire coupon code (if any). In case you do not have one, you can enter any of your current emails.
  • Check the total carefully before tapping the Pay button
  • Recheck your ID and email. Select the payment method that you’re available. There are several types of payments you can go with. Pick up the most convenient one.

After confirming your payment, diamonds are said to be added to your Free Fire account a while later if the transaction is successful.

E Diamond Center Free Fire

Is e Diamond center Free Fire RazorPay real or fake?

Although RazorPay appears to be a reliable payment gateway in India, many players complained that they did not receive any diamonds after spending their money on the platform and accused the website of being a fraud. In fact, after not receiving any diamonds 24 hours after the transaction, some user took a further step by contacting the provided email address: and was left in shock finding this email is invalid.

Other people who also have unpleasing experience with this e diamond center Free Fire website revealed that they also reached out to RazorPay official service center but didn't get their problem solved or a refund.

Despite the fact that RazorPay is an acclaimed payment gateway in India with lakhs of users, it's unexplainable why so many players encounter the inconvenience and losing their money on its e diamond center Free Fire. As there is no official response from the company on the issue, it's better to avoid using the platform to top-up diamonds. You can use other verified top-up platforms like CodaShop, Games Kharido or purchase directly on Google Play Store which are all reliable and convenient.

Above is all you need to know about e Diamond center Free Fire. In addition to that, visit our website to unveil lesser known Free Fire tips and tricks.

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