Apparently, the seas in the future aren’t as clear as in the present. Enormous monsters have taken over and put up a major threat to anyone nearby. Controlling a special submarine, you have to get rid of those monsters and restore the seas back to normal. That is the premise of Earth Atlantis. And one more thing to keep in mind: the sea now tops even the highest buildings across the globe!

Earth Atlantis is a shooter title with a familiar "Monster-Hunting" vibe into it. As a matter of fact, you need to search and hunt down monstrous creatures in the sea. Also, there's a huge post-apocalyptic underwater world waiting for you to explore. It's time to become a legendary hunter!

Earth Atlantis
Earth Atlantis is a deep sea shooter title with amazing art-style.

Earth Atlantis backstory

"The Great Climate Shift" happened at end of the 21st century. As a consequence, most of the earth’s surface is underwater and human civilization has fallen. Therefore, machines have adopted the form and shape of underwater animals and started lurking around. Brace yourself for creature-machine hybrid monsters on your way and throughout your new journey as a “Hunter”.

Earth Atlantis
Get ready to encounter enormous hunters in the dangerous water.

Surprsingly, you won’t simply be blasting things off to progress in Earth Atlantis. The open-world here is gigantic and you have no idea what dangers lie ahead. Because of that, it’s extremely crucial to equip your boat with the best gears possible. Therefore, it’s a constant challenge to toughen your boat up to stay alive. In Earth Atlantis, you can feel the real vulnerability that not many shooter titles have.

For now, check out the review of Earth Atlantis in the video below:

Special features in Earth Atlantis

Earth Atlantis
Earth Atlantis has amazing features to offer, ranging from addictive gameplay to stunning visuals.

  • Classic side-scrolling shooter with monster-hunting vibes
  • Unique visual style of “Old Sketching”
  • Quest mode and Hunter mode to choose from
  • Three difficulty settings, suitable for the most casual to the most hardcore players
  • 4 unlockable ships, each with special weapons of its own
  • 25 distinct large monsters, 4 different enemy ships alongside 9 unique events to complete