Following a Closed Alpha in certain regions back in August, EVE: Echoes – a mobile spinoff of the massively popular space-themed MMORPG EVE Online – will be entering Open Beta this December. This beta is going to be available for both Android and iOS, so all mobile will be able to see how the game compares to the original PC version. Check out a trailer for this beta below:

EVE: Echoes is the result of a partnership between Eve Online developer CCP and Chinese mobile titan NetEase. By making use of the NeoX graphics engine from NetEase, CCP has been able to build a massive open-world in which players will be free to play however they wish.

It undoubtedly seems extremely ambitious, especially since the studios have claimed that their game will include more than eight thousand solar systems, a hundred types of spacecraft, and tons of different empires and factions. They also promise that the same player-driven economy of Eve Online will make its way over to Echoes as well. This means every pilot you come into contact with is a real person, not an AI-controlled bot.

Eve Echoes Ios Android Featured
An incredibly ambitious game with thousands of galaxies to explore

How you want to interact with them is completely your decision to make. You can opt to become an honest merchant, trading with other players to establish a stable economy and build a reputation for yourself as one everybody would want to do business with. If you find that to be too boring – which a lot of people probably do – you can instead play as a criminal and gun down anyone you see. Of course, doing so will make you notorious as well.

Eve Echoes Header
You can play however you wish and be whoever you want in this game!

As mentioned, EVE: Echoes is set to enter open beta this December for both Android and iOS, though no specific date is confirmed at the moment. If you are interested in participating in this beta, you can head over to the official website of the game to sign up right now.