PUBG Mobile is one of the great mobile games ever with millions of players worldwide. India is the largest market of PUBG Mobile with 27% of the total players. But the last two months have not been so great as the game was banned by the Indian government over the privacy concern.

Fans have been waiting for their favorite game to come back to the country. A few days ago, PUBG Corp has officially announced that PUBG Mobile is coming back to India making everyone go crazy. Here is everything we know so far about the return of PUBG Mobile in India

A New PUBG Mobile India Version

PUBG Mobile will return a new unique version that is more suitable for the Indian culture and players. There will only be some minor changes to this version and PUBG Mobile will be still basically the same.

pubg mobile india
PUBG Mobile India version will have a different theme

The hit effect will have a green color. The game will be a Virtual Simulation Training Ground instead of a battleground. Characters will wear clothes when you first start the game. If you are a minor, your playing time will be restricted.

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A New Website For PUBG Mobile India

PUBG Mobile has recently launched a brand new website for Indian players. You can get to the website through this link:

Pubg Mobile India
PUBG Mobile has recently launched a brand new website for Indian players

The site has posts from all social media channels of PUBG Mobile India such as Facebook, YouTube, Twitter. Other than that, there is no further reveal about the release date of the game, only a 'Coming Soon' message.

PUBG Mobile teaser video for India

PUBG Mobile also released a teaser video featuring Dynamo, Johnathan, and Kroten. The video also doesn't reveal any detail about the release date but it sure does feel relatable to all the PUBG Mobile fans in India.

Pre-registration for PUBG Mobile India

You can already pre-register for PUBG Mobile India on Tap Tap Store while there is nothing on Google Play Store yet. Tap Tap Store is a legit store for users to download apps so it is definitely not a fake one. You can pre-register here and get to download PUBG Mobile as soon as it gets released. Here is the link: