If you’re a fan of the Grand Theft Auto series by Rockstar Games, make sure to check out the mobile version of the Liberty City Stories on mobile. However, it may take a while for you to get in the hang of the game.

So, in order to help to shorten the amount of time spent practicing, we’ve listed out GTA Liberty City Stories cheats for Android devices. Let’s jump right into it.

Why should you use GTA Liberty City Stories cheats for android?

First, let’s talk a little bit about the game itself. As you may already know, Grand Theft Auto is a blockbuster series developed by Rockstar Games. In the series, you’ll play as a character starting at the bottom of the underground world, pretty much a nobody. Your mission is to complete all the tasks given by mafia lords to gain respect and slowly make your way up to the top. 

GTA Liberty City Stories cheats for android
GTA is the game series that makes Rockstar Games

Since the first release on 21 October 1997, the series has constantly received praise as the game introduced new content without losing its original feel. As an attempt to move to the mobile gaming market, Rockstar Games released GTA Liberty City Stories for Android. This is the definitive edition of the PC game, with the main storyline kept intact. You will play as Toni Cipriani, a deranged hitman for the Leone Family, and fight against other families in Liberty City to regain power.

gta liberty city stories Toni Cipriani
Toni Cipriani, the main character of GTA Liberty City Stories

Now, if you’re familiar with the Grand Theft Auto Playstyle, you will get along just fine. However, if you’re new to the concept, getting familiar with the game is no easy task, and you may get lost on the way. Your best bet yet are GTA LCS cheats Android. They can also come in handy for players who know the game well but just want to have some fun without the grind. 

gta liberty city stories cheats android
Cheat codes can help you learn to play the game

How to activate GTA Liberty City Stories cheats for android?

There are two ways one can activate GTA Liberty City Stories cheats for android: with or without root. 

GTA Liberty City Stories android cheats with root

Since GTA Liberty City Stories is not a game for PC, you can’t just easily enter the cheat codes as you may have done before. Instead, you will have to enlist the help of a game keyboard and follow the exact steps: 

  • Download GTA Liberty City Stories for android
  • Install your game keyboard
  • Enable “Standalone” mode for rooted devices or authorize it as the primary keyboard in language and input settings
  • Set your keyboard and main menu options as follows: on-screen gamepad for input device; emulate joystick for usage mode
  • Tick the “use hotkey” option
  • Tick the “joystick mode” under the operation mode
  • Start your game keyboard
  • Open GTA Liberty City Stories
  • Press the Volume-up key to see the virtual controller
GTA Liberty City Stories Cheats android root
Your screen should represent a Sony controller

Remember the buttons to enter GTA Liberty City stories Mobile cheats

Your mobile devices now represent a Sony controller because GTA Liberty City Stories was a port of the PSP version. The button on the screen should be translated to this:

  • A=X
  • B=Circle
  • X=Square
  • Y=Triangle
  • LB=L1
  • RB=R1

 GTA Liberty City Stories Android Cheats 

Now that you have successfully installed the game as well as the virtual game keyboard controller, the next step is to enter the cheat codes. They are provided in a fixed order. You need to follow the exact pattern to actually activate the codes. Here are some prevalent choices of GTA Liberty City Stories cheats android:

  • Money cheat (Give $250,000): L1, R1, TRIANGLE, L1, R1, CIRCLE, L1, R1
  • Rhino spawn: L1, L1, LEFT, L1, L1, RIGHT, TRIANGLE, CIRCLE
  • Give full weapon set 1: UP, SQUARE, SQUARE, DOWN, LEFT, SQUARE, SQUARE, RIGHT
  • Give full weapon set 2: UP, CIRCLE, CIRCLE, DOWN, LEFT, CIRCLE, CIRCLE, RIGHT
  • Give full weapon set 3: UP, X, X, LEFT, X, X, RIGHT
  • Full heavy armor: L1, R1, CIRCLE, L1, R1, X, L1, R1
  • Restore full health bar: L1, R1, CIRCLE, L1, R1, X, L1, R1
  • Spawn police bike: LEFT, LEFT, LEFT, X, CIRCLE, TRIANGLE
  • Sunny weather: L(2), Circle, R, R, SQUARE, TRIANGLE, X
  • Give 2 gangs and 14 characters (multiplayer only): UP, UP, UP, SQUARE, SQUẢE, TRIANGLE, R1, L1
  • Chrome-plated all vehicles: TRIANGLE, R1, L1, DOWN, DOWN, R1, L1, TRIANGLE
  • Spawn the Trashmaster: TRIANGLE, CIRCLE, DOWN, TRIANGLE, CIRCLE, UP, L1, L1
GTA Liberty City Stories Cheats for android controller
You can use also use an Android supported Bluetooth controller or joystick if you have one

GTA Liberty City Stories android cheats without root

Activating GTA Liberty City Stories cheats android no root is quite simple. Just install the game as you would normally, then download the cheat engine on Google Play Store or APKpure. Run the application once it’s completed, choose your game saves, then just tick on the attributes you want. Another way is that you can install Mod packages that enable the cheat options. 

gta liberty city stories cheats android no root
Cléo is a popular mod that spawns any vehicle in the game

Note for using GTA Liberty City Stories cheats for android

Before you jump into installing and using the GTA Liberty City Stories cheats android, we advise that you really take the things below into consideration:

  • Once you type in the GTA Liberty City Stories cheat codes correctly, a message will pop up to indicate correct entry
  • After finishing entering the code, if you wish to turn off the virtual controller, simply press the volume up button again
  • Some of the cheat codes only work in multiplayer mode, as we specifically stated above
  • You must enter the GTA Liberty City Stories cheats for android during gameplay like other versions of the game series. Otherwise, it won’t work.
gta liberty city stories cheats android no root to win
Rule the underground world with GTA Liberty City Stories Mod

Enjoy your game with GTA Liberty City Stories cheats for android

Whether you are familiar with Grand Theft Auto or just a new player who is still learning about the game, it still will be a great option to while away your time. The game series offers complete control and manipulation of an open world, giving you the power to use everything at your disposal. In case you need any support, or extra firepower to dominate the underground, just enlist the help of a few cheat codes. But remember to check the site's credibility before you start your download to avoid any unwanted issues. 

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