PUBG diamond tier is a high rank in this game. If you make enough effort to reaching diamonds tier in PUBG, you can get it soon. Here are things you need to know about PUBG Mobile diamond tier and tips to get it soon in PUBG Mobile. Check it out with

What Is Diamond Tier In PUBG?

There are eight tiers in PUBG Mobile, including Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Diamond, Crown, Ace, and Conqueror. Diamond is a rank in the middle that PUBG Mobile players can reach if they make enough effort in pushing rank. The Diamond tier in PUBG has five divisions (Diamond V to Diamond I). When you get 3200 rank points, you will reach Diamond V. Then, you can level up to higher divisions when you collect further 100 rank points.

Pubg Diamond Tier Point Milestone
You will reach diamond tier when you get 3200 points

For example, you reach tier Diamond IV if you get 3300 rank points, and Diamond I if you collect enough 3600 points. Then, when you get enough 3700 points, you will reach the Crown tier. Moreover, there are some tier rewards for players who reach the PUBG diamond tier. The rewards are also various in different seasons.

Diamond Tier Reward Season 12
Players will get a Groza skin when you reach the diamond tier in PUBG Mobile

To get diamond tier rewards, you need to reach the tier Diamond V and complete 5 matches in this tier. If you lose your point and drop the rank during these five matches, you cannot get the rewards. In season 12, ‘Together We Play’, the tier rewards for those who reach Diamond is a cool skin for Groza. We all know that Groza is a powerful AR gun that you can only find in the airdrops randomly. This skin will make your Groza look cool and stunning. In addition, you will receive 1000 silver fragments to redeem more items when reaching the Diamond tier.

How To Get Diamond Tier In PUBG?

To reach the diamond tier or above in PUBG, you need good skills, a nice strategy, and some tips. To improve your skills, you need to practice yourself, such as shooting and aiming skills, grenade skills, etc. Here, we’re going to give you some tips and tricks to reach the PUBG Diamond tier faster.

Focus On One Mode

Rank points and tier are only available in classic mode. Therefore, you need to play classic matches on four maps of this game to collect points. However, the rank points for the solo, duo, and squad matches will the counted separately. Thus, you should focus on one game mode: solo, duo, or squad to gather rank points faster.

Pubg Mobile Rank Up Faster
Play and rank up in a game mode

Play Safer, Try To Survive

The higher tier you reach, the more real pro players you will meet in a match. At the beginning of the match, you can see some bots. Try to kill bots and collect 2 to 3 kills before you encounter real players. Avoid high-risk places, such as Pochinki, Georgopol in Erangel, Los Leones in Miramar, and Bootcamp in Sanhok. These places are often crowded and you will encounter a lot of pro players here.

Pubg Mobile Diamond Tier Tip
Try to survive and get into the top players of the match to collect more rank points

You should land on low-risk places and find enough supplies to survive. Kill point is important, but if you die too soon, you will lose a lot of rank points. So, you should try to survive and get into the top 10 to collect points.

Choose The Right Map To Play

Choosing the right map where there are fewer pro players is also important to survive longer and get more rank points. In Miramar map, there are more noobs and bots for you to kill. Pro players tend to in Sanhok or Erangel. So, if you want to go into top players and get more points, you can choose the desert map to get Chicken Dinner easier.

Pubg Mobile Miramar Rank Up Tips
Miramar map in PUBG is the largest map and has more bots and noobs

Moreover, if you play at peak time, you will meet more good players. So, if you really want to push your rank and reach PUBG Diamond tier soon, you can play in between 2 a.m. and 6 a.m. when pro players are sleeping. But it’s, of course, harmful to your health. You need to choose between good health and a high tier.

Master Claw Controls

To play like a pro player and rank up faster, you should master the claw controls and be able to play with four fingers. If you only play with two thumbs, you cannot jump, open scope, aim, and shoot quickly. Besides, you should set up buttons to make the controls most convenient for you. After that, practice four-claw controls and try to master it before starting the match.

You can learn this skill from many pro players and famous streamers, such as Mortal, Scout, Snax, Novaking, etc. Moreover, you can see how to set up and arrange the controls to make your own.

Use Vehicles Wisely

Another tip to reach PUBG Diamond tier fast is using vehicle wisely. You should use the UAZ or Zima cars in the Vikendi map that are safe and stable. Moreover, when you encounter enemies on the field, the car can be a good cover. You can stop and use your car as a cover to fire back. If you cannot find a UAZ, you can use a Dacia instead. It would be riskier to use an uncovered vehicle like Buggy or motorbike. When you sit behind your teammate on a motorcycle, you cannot grab a gun.

Use The Vehicle Wisely
Use The Vehicle Wisely

Play With Your Friends And Choose Teammate Carefully

Teamwork is one of the key elements to get Chicken Dinner in this battle royale game. So, you should play with your friends and keep communicating with other players. If you play with random players, they don’t know you and may not communicate with you. Poor cooperation can make you die soon in front of the opponent teams.

Play With Your Friends
Play With Your Friends For Better Teamwork

These are things to know about the PUBG Diamond tier such as PUBG diamond tier points and tips to reach this tier fast. To update the latest PUBG Mobile game news as well as more tips and tricks for gamers, let’s visit our website.

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