As a matter of fact, PUBG Mobile has maintained its top position among the biggest titles in the battle royale genre for mobiles. For a considerably long period of time, it has enjoyed stable growth and a huge fan force all over the world. 

Pubg Mobile India Ban

But PUBG can not leave such a promising market like India, in which it has been banned due to cybersecurity concerns. Therefore, a special version of the game for the country was published on 12th November, bringing the light back to many Indian gamers. Some teasers were also posted on the official Facebook page of PUBG Mobile India, but nothing about the upcoming version is revealed yet. 

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Because the game’s release has been confirmed, this is the perfect time for some fake pages and videos being spread out over the Internet. 

Fake PUBG Mobile Indian version trailer with various details circulating on WhatsApp, uploaded on TapTap

The TapTap page of the game has recently recorded a fake trailer of PUBG Mobile India. Many information about the game such as skins, costumes, and some emotes, but those features are not legal at all. 

The video is confirmed by PUBG Mobile that it is not the official version on many platforms like WhatsApp. Some YouTubers also updated this information on their own channels. Ridiculously, the original video stemmed from the Survivor Pass Season 9: HIGHLANDS, but the video was uploaded on the official YouTube channel of PUBG.

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This fake PUBG Mobile India trailer was edited to have the appearance of an official one, so many people were taken aback. Official information is regularly updated on the official social media handles and YouTube channel of PUBG Mobile Indian, so don’t hesitate to check the latest updates via this link.