Coming from developer Daniel Noorduin, Fetching Furballs is a physics-based puzzle game in which players will explore a strange planet and rescue furry aliens by solving different puzzles. It is now available on the App Store as a premium game. Check out its trailer below:

Players will control a red ship that has a handy hook attachment. The goal of each level is to make use of that hook to pick up the aliens – or furballs as they are called – and put them into a container at the beginning.  That is harder than it sounds, as there will of course be several hazards preventing you from doing so.

Fetching Furballs Ios Android Featured
Your task is to fetch the furballs and bring them to the container, but it's harder than it sounds!

There are the usual moving saws that constantly spins up and down, requiring you to time your moves at the correct moment to fly past. And then there are several types of puzzles so that you can free the furballs in the first place. For instance, you might have to lift a rock out of the way before you can reach them. Other times there might be buttons to press to unlock gates or active lasers that destroy the enemies patrolling the map, allowing you to do your job.

Move rocks and press buttons to solve various puzzles

The furballs themselves also come in several shapes and sizes, which is another element you have to take into account as it could add more challenge to the stage. The small furballs can be lifted easily, but the large ones will dangle as you pick them up, so you will need to be extra careful lest you smash them into some dangerous terrain.

The trailer above does give you a glimpse at some of the simpler puzzles you'll come across at the early stage of the game. Needless to say, expect things to get tougher as you progress.

Fetching Furballs is currently available for download on the App Store as a premium title priced at $1.99 (Rs 140).